What to Serve With Sloppy Joes: 41 Recipe Ideas

You’re making Sloppy Joes for dinner, but do you know what to serve with Sloppy Joes?

Let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with this all-American dish. These meaty, saucy sandwiches make the perfect lunch or dinner because they’re so easy yet delicious. Plus, there are tons of foods you can serve with Sloppy Joes.

From french fries to a variety of salads, there are hundreds of sides to make when Sloppy Joes are on the menu. Keep reading if you want to level up your Sloppy Joe side dish game. 

Below are just 30 of our favorite delicious side dishes you can serve with America’s favorite dinner.

Traditional Food to Serve With Sloppy Joes

Some of the best side dishes to serve with Sloppy Joes include potato salad, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. These classic foods are traditionally served with Sloppy Joes because their flavors blend so well together. Plus, they’re so simple to prepare. It’s a win-win situation all around. 

Corn on the cob

The sweetness of the corn goes perfectly with the meaty flavor of Sloppy Joes. For even better results, try making this smoked corn on the cob.

close up of smoked corn on the cob

Baked beans

These baked beans with bacon complement well the flavors of meat and tomato sauce, making them the perfect side dish for Sloppy Joes.

Potato salad

This old-fashioned potato salad is one of my favorite side dishes because it’s so simple to make and goes well with anything.

Dill pickles

Homemade dill pickles are the perfect addition to Sloppy Joes and any other sandwiches or hamburgers. 

Green beans

Serving green beans with Sloppy Joes is a simple but effective way to add more vegetables to your diet. And if you want to try these veggies in a new, delicious way, you should try making these crispy green bean fries.

Mashed cauliflower

This mashed cauliflower with roasted garlic is the perfect side dish for Sloppy Joes if you’re on a low-carb or keto diet.

Potato chips

Store-bought potato chips are a great side dish to serve with Sloppy Joes, but if you want to make your meals better, try making these homemade oven-baked potato chips.

Pasta salad

This creamy rasta pasta and this classic macaroni salad are great for turning Sloppy Joes into a filling and healthy meal.

Hard-boiled eggs

If you have some leftover ground beef, ditch the hamburger buns and serve it with hard-boiled eggs instead to make these Sloppy Joes breakfast bowls!

Air Fryer Dishes to Serve With Sloppy Joes 

I love cooking with the air fryer. Not only does this appliance make cooking faster, but it also lets you make delicious foods with little to no effort. Below you’ll find the best of our top air fryer recipes to serve with Sloppy Joes.

Air fryer jalapeño poppers

These cheesy 3-ingredient jalapeño poppers are a delicious but easy side dish to serve with Sloppy Joes.


Crispy air fryer brussels sprouts

Serving Sloppy Joes with these crispy brussels sprouts is a simple way to eat more veggies.

Air fryer waffle fries 

French fries are the ideal side dish to serve with Sloppy Joes. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with these air-fried waffle fries. For a healthier option, you can use sweet potato fries instead!

Crispy green beans

You won’t want to eat green beans another way once you’ve tried this crispy air-fried green beans recipe!

Air fryer potato skins

These crispy air-fried potato skins are one of my favorite sides to serve with Sloppy Joes because they are easy to make and incredibly tasty too! Top them with bacon, fresh chives, and sour cream for the best results.

Polenta truffle fries

Why have simple french fries when you can have these delicious air fryer polenta fries with your Sloppy Joes instead?

Air fryer blooming onion

Trust me, you won’t want to have onion rings with Sloppy Joes after you’ve tried this simple air-fried blooming onion recipe!

Air fryer frozen broccoli

Who said broccoli is better fresh? Maybe a not-so-well-know fact is that often, frozen veggies are more nutritious than fresh ones because they are frozen at the peak of ripeness when they contain the highest levels of nutrients. They also don’t lose their nutritional value as quickly as fresh vegetables. So try this no-fail air fryer frozen broccoli recipe

Crispy air fryer potato skins

Air fryer potato skins are incredibly delicious, with a crispy exterior and a warm, fluffy interior, making them the perfect snack or side dish for Sloppy Joes! 

Veggies to Serve With Sloppy Joes

Believe it or not, Sloppy Joes can make for a healthy and well-balanced meal. There are many recipes for healthy Sloppy Joes you can try. In addition to this, you can serve your sandwiches with veggies, below are some delicious ideas. 


Mediterranean cucumber salad

This refreshing Mediterranean cucumber salad is made with only ten ingredients, including cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, and mint. 

Sweet potato hash

This delicious sweet potato hash is so easy to make and goes well with the meaty flavor of Sloppy Joes 


This simple copycat KFC coleslaw is perfect for when you want to make Sloppy Joes for dinner on busy weeknights.

Tater tots

Potatoes are one of the best side dishes for Sloppy Joes and these tater tots loaded with cheddar cheese are no exception!

Corn salad

This Mexican street corn salad is a fun take on corn on the cob and, because of that, is a delicious side dish for Sloppy Joes. 

Shave brussels sprout salad

Who said brussels sprouts weren’t tasty? This brussels sprout salad with pancetta will make you rethink everything you knew about veggies!

chipotle fajita veggies closeup

Fajita veggies

These Chipotle copycat fajita veggies are a great way to add extra flavor to your Sloppy Joes. Trust me, you won’t want to have bell peppers any other way once you’ve tried this recipe!

KFC copycat coleslaw

Kentucky Fried Chicken coleslaw might be as famous as their chicken. If not, it’s close to it. This copycat recipe tastes just like the real thing. Promise!

Desserts to Serve With Sloppy Joes

There’s no better way to end a long day than with some Sloppy Joes followed by a sweet treat. There are countless desserts you can serve with Sloppy Joes, below are our faves.

Cherry pie

This old-fashioned cherry pie is not only incredibly easy to make but goes well with the meaty taste of Sloppy Joes!

4-ingredient banana bread

This super easy 4-ingredient banana bread hits the spot. It uses cake mix so it comes together in a flash. It’s a perfect sweet ending to savory Sloppy Joes. 

Oreo brownie trifle

This Oreo brownie trifle does not only go well with Sloppy Joes but is also incredibly easy to make. It’s the perfect dessert to make with your kids!

White chocolate cookies

These white chocolate and nut cookies are not only yummy but also healthy, thanks to the macadamia nuts!

fruity pebbles treats with mini marshmallows

Fruity Pebbles treats

Nothing says Americana quite like Fruity Pebbles treats. They’re perfect when you’re looking to use up that leftover bag of marshmallows and are always a crowd pleaser. 

Banana split cake

This banana split ice cream cake is so delicious and simple to make. It’s the perfect dessert to serve with Sloppy Joes.

Cheesecake bars

These raspberry cheesecake bars are packed with flavors that go perfectly well with Sloppy Joes.

Pumpkin dump cake

Sloppy Joes are so easy to put together, so it makes sense to serve them with a dessert that’s very easy to make. Well, this 2-ingredient pumpkin cake is a perfect choice.

Eclair cake

This simple no-bake eclair cake is so simple to make yet so delicious! Its decadent flavor makes it the perfect complement for Sloppy Joes. 

Yummy Cocktails to Serve With Sloppy Joes

Sweet tart shot

Love a sour cocktail, this sweet tart shot recipe can also be made into a martini. It might be sweet, but it also has a great balance of sour to it. It’s not your grandmother’s cocktail.

Blue motorcycle drink

Also an exceptionally strong drink, a blue motorcycle drink combines a variety of liquors including rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and Blue Curaçao. It also contains lemon-lime soda and sour mix for the perfect sweet and sour taste.

irish trash can drink recipe

Irish trash can drink

If you’re looking for a delicious, fruity, and strong cocktail, an Irish trash can drink is a perfect cocktail to make. Drinker beware, however, though it’s fruity, it’s still strong. 

Tropical sangria

If you’re used to sangria being made with red wine, give this tropical sangria recipe a try. It’s a perfect cocktail to go with Sloppy Joes because the lightness offsets the heaviest of the meat. 

Spicy mint margarita

The heat from the Serrano chilis in this spicy mint margarita cuts right through the heaviness of the meat from the Sloppy Joes.

Pink señorita

Similar to a margarita, a pink señorita using pink lemonade instead of lime juice. Think of it as the prettier, sweeter cousin to the traditional marg. 

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