How to Make Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins, Fast and Delicious

Making Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins has been a life-saver for me. 

With four boys and a spouse, my house can get a little crazy when it comes time for the Big Game, or just a regular afternoon. Parties and get-togethers every weekend are almost a must, even more so now that the boys are older and like to invite lots of friends. Keeping a rowdy bunch of young men happy and well-fed can be a bit of a challenge at times.

rack of Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins with scallions

How to Make Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Finger food and snack food that will fill them up is my usual go-to when the games are on. Extra bonus points if the snacks are easy and delicious. My Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins are not only super easy, but they are also incredibly tasty too. The Air Fryer makes them light and crispy, their favorite toppings take them over the top. 

close up of Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Crispy & Easy Air Fryer Potato Skins – Pin it for later! 

Making snacks for the guys during the Big Game doesn’t have to be stressful or over the top. Most of the time they just want classic football food. Cold drinks and tasty appetizers are always a hit during any party. One of my most popular go-to appetizers has always been oven-baked potato skins. This year I decided to put my new air fryer to the test and whip up a batch from start to finish in less than half the time it takes in a conventional oven.

What Makes A Good Potato Skin?

We have all gone to our favorite restaurant or sports bar that makes the absolute best potato skins. What exactly makes them the best? Crispy seasoned skins to start with. No one likes a soggy potato skin! Creamy potato on the inside is also a must. Not too much potato, but you don’t want just the skin and no flesh either. Last but not least, the toppings. You can’t have really great potato skins without all of the good stuff piled on top. Cheddar cheese, bacon, chives, and sour cream are the classics. This is what they call “loaded” potato skins in restaurants. 

My Secret Weapon

“Loaded” potato skins are really good, a classic even. What if I told you I have a secret weapon to take them from good to GREAT. Well let me tell ya, I actually have TWO secret weapons!

plate of Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins with cheddar bacon dip

The first … My first secret weapon is all about the toppings. Simply replace the sour cream in your “loaded” potato skins with cool and creamy  Dean’s Cheddar Bacon Dip! Yes, there is bacon crumbles on the potato skins, but let’s face it there is no such thing as too much bacon! Everything is better with bacon, why not add both. 

Adding Dean’s Cheddar Bacon Dip to my potato skins was a happy accident when my son wanted to try it on top of his baked potato one night at dinner. They talked about it for 2 days. I just knew it would be on the food table for the big game, right next to the crispy potato skins.

image of dean's cheddar bacon dip - Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

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We picked up Dean’s Cheddar Bacon Dip right at Walmart. You can find it with refrigerated dips and sour cream. Ours is in the back of the store along the wall. Dean’s dip is ready to eat, convenient, and delicious. It is a no-brainer when it comes to adding the dairy fresh taste to your favorite dishes. 

Find out which store in your area carries Dean’s Cheddar Bacon and Dean’s Bacon Ranch Dips along with some tasty recipe ideas by clicking HERE. 

Don’t forget to print your $1 off Coupon on ONE Dean’s Dip new Bacon varieties!  While supplies last. 

Secret Weapon #2!

Cooking the skins! How you cook your potato skins makes a world of difference. I recently got a new 6 qt. air fryer for my birthday. Cooking just about anything in the air fryer adds so much texture and flavor to your food. I was pleasantly surprised when the last batch of potato skins came out as incredible as they did. 

image of air fryer - Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Bake your potatoes according to your air fryer manual (each brand will be different). Make sure you season them well before cooking them.  Once your baked potatoes are seasoned and cooked, it is time to make the skins for the big game. 

baked potato cut in half -Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Slice your potatoes in half and scoop out most of the flesh with a spoon. Don’t scoop out all of the flesh, you want some of that creamy potato goodness with your skins.  

hallowed out baked potatoes - Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

You can use a melon baller for this step also. 

baked potato halfs with cheddar and bacon - Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Top each potato with bacon crumbles and shredded cheddar cheese. Place them in a single layer in your air fryer. Cook for 5 minutes, or until the cheese has melted. 

finished Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

Top with thinly sliced chives and your favorite cool toppings. We chose to top ours with cool and creamy Dean’s Cheddar Bacon Dip. 

Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins bit in half

You can see just how light and flaky the skins are. How thick and even the potato flesh is. And how creamy and flavorful Dean’s dip is piled high on top of the skins. The guys are going to love this appetizer bar while they are watching the Big Game! 

set table with tablecloth - Crispy Air Fryer Potato Skins

What are you serving to your sports fans? I would love to hear all of your ideas.

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