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You will find some very delicious recipes made by us, here in our very own kitchen.

Recipes Page at Daily DIY Life (






Easy Meals

Dinner Ideas

Desserts Ideas


Crafts of all kinds will be displayed on the crafts pages. Holiday crafts, seasonal crafts, and even some of the crafts from the teens. They love to get crafty too! And since they are all boys, it’s pretty fun coming up with “cool” projects to make.


DIY Paper Craft! 3D Paper Stars Adorable (and easy) fun craft idea.

Rustic Paper “tin” Stars

Paper Polish Star Ornaments

DIY Dollar Store Crafts


Easy handmade Christmas Decor - DIY Dollar Store Craft! :

We love decorating and improving our home as well. I am living in a fixer – upper apartment, and we are always modifying something to make it prettier or more comfortable for our family.

Yard Sale Finds: Bulletin Board Make over

Affordable DIY Storage Ideas

You can also expect to find some awesome FREE printables, FREE coupons, and as many fabulous shopping deals as we can scramble together.

The one DIY thing you won’t find me writing about is gardening 🙁 I’m very sorry, but I could kill a silk plant if given the chance! I will however have some cool links to some of my favorite gardening blogs. I do love  great gardens, back yards, and pictures …I love dreaming about that what IF I could have a garden and keep it alive! Maybe someday!

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8 thoughts on “New? Start Here”

  1. Hi
    Love your website
    Today I wanted to print your recipe for Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Did not find a “print” icon
    So I had to print the whole page which was ’11’ pages to get your wonderful recipe
    Please add a print option to your website so us/your followers don’t have to waste so much paper to obtain your recipes

    Susan Coss

  2. Hello!! I just found your blog/site and I just wanted to say I am just FURIOUS!! Why, you may ask?? Because thanks to you and your amazingly creative, fun, relevant, do-able and affordable ideas, I HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR HOURS NOW!!!!! Nothing but save and click and write down ideas and shopping lists; and ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! ? ??
    Seriously tho, AMAZING ideas and tips; SO GLAD I found you!! ???
    Carla Jo
    Nebraska, USA

    • LOL my gosh Carla Jo, I really thought you were mad! So glad to have you around and that you found some useful goodies here. I love hearing from my readers, and posts like yours are the reason I keep doing this. Thank you so much for all of your kind words! Have a wonderful week! xoxo Heather!

  3. Hi…Just found your site, really looking forward to visiting with you! Just looking at a few of your recipes & crafts convinced me I’m going to love your site! Thank you!! Lida


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