Top Copycat Recipes (America’s Favorites)

Whether you’re too far from your favorite chain restaurant, looking to save a few pennies, or just prefer to spend the night in, these Copycat Recipes from your favorite restaurants have you covered.

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From The Olive Garden to Chick-fil-A, from Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse to P.F. Chang’s, here’s a breakdown of your favorite Copycat Recipes and exactly how to make them.

Auntie Anne’s

copycat auntie annes pretzel feature

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Our Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Recipe is heaven and just like the real thing. The buttery, chewy, slightly sweet pretzel dough just melts in your mouth.

Make them at home and watch QVC instead of cruising the mall. This recipe is by far one of our most popular on the site. Prepare to taste why!


chick-fil-a mac and cheese copycat recipe

Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese

Whether you’re a fan of Chick-fil-A or not, they makes some of the best mac and cheese around. So make this recipe for Copycat Chick-fil-A Mac and Cheese (without giving them your pennies!) and satisfy cravings at home.

Hint: It’s all about the cheese mixture. Once you’ve tackled that, you’ll never go back to any other mac and cheese recipe.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC coleslaw copycat recipe

Kentucky Fried Chicken Coleslaw

If you are a coleslaw snob, and like the tangy-sweet taste of KFC coleslaw you’ll love this Copycat KFC Coleslaw Recipe.

Make it for a BBQ or cookout with burgers and hotdogs, or make it to go alongside a delicious steak. Eat what you want with what you like. Anything goes!

Kings Hawaiian

kings Hawaiian rolls copycat recipe

Kings Hawaiian Bread

There’s nothing like a sweeter bread to satisfy carb cravings. Or is that just me?

I’ve made this King Hawaiian Bread in a loaf pan, as dinner rolls, and also as a braided loaf. No matter its shape, it’s perfectly delicious.


shamrock mcdonald's copycat shake

Shamrock Shake

When it comes to rich, creamy, extra minty desserts, nothing beats a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

Unfortunately, they only come around once a year. So learn to make them at home. And Every day can be a shamrock day 😉

Olive Garden

olive garden creamy mushroom sauce pasta copycat

Olive Garden Creamy Mushroom Sauce Pasta

This mushroom sauce for pasta tastes like the real thing at the restaurant. But I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure this recipe is better.

Try out this Copycat Olive Garden Creamy Mushroom Pasta and let us know what you think.

Outback Steakhouse

copycat outback ranch recipe in blue bowl

Outback Ranch Dressing

This Copycat Outback Ranch Dressing Recipe is a must for all occasions.

Dip your carrots in it, then your hot wings. Finally use it traditionally as a salad dressing. Regardless of how you serve it, it will be the best homemade (or restaurant style!) ranch dressing you’ve ever had.

P.F. Chang’s

PF chang's chicken lettuce wraps

P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wrap

If you’re a fan of this restaurant, you’re going to thank us for this recipe. P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps are iconic.

This recipe uses crunchy water chestnuts, savory fish sauce, and bright, fresh ginger.

Red Lobster

red lobster cheddar biscuit

Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

The salty flavor from the cheddar cheese and the moist  fluffy center are just the perfect combination.

This Copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Recipe is very close to the real thing. Making it at home makes it that much more rewarding.


pink strawberry acai refresher drink

Pink Strawberry Açaí Refresher

If you are in need of a sweet, satisfying and refreshing drink that is still Keto friendly, this Copycat Starbucks Keto Pink Drink will do the trick.

Low carb, sugar-free and keto-friendly, this doctored-up passion fruit tea is next-level delicious.

Taco Bell

taco bell loaded potato griller copycat recipe

Cheesy Taco Bell Loaded Potato Griller

​​If a Cheesy Taco Bell Loaded Potato Griller is your idea of heaven in your mouth, you’re going to be thrilled with this copycat recipe. 

Potatoes, cheese, and egg. Ready to get cooking?

Texas Roadhouse

copycat texas roadhouse steak on plate with potatoes and veggies

Texas Roadhouse Steak

When the grill beckons you, a dry rub for your steak is the only way to go.

This Copycat Texas Roadhouse Steak recipe is great to have in your back pocket for all cookouts, BBQs, or just family meals.

#2Dairy Queen
#4Krispy Kreme
#5 Dunkin’
#6Pizza Hut
#9The Cheesecake Factory
#11Panera Bread
#15Burger King
#16Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill
#17Olive Garden
#20Texas Roadhouse
#21Taco Bell
#23Cracker Barrel
#24Outback Steakhouse
#26Red Lobster
#27Cold Stone Creamery
#29Marie Callender’s
#30Waffle House
#31Red Robin
#32Mrs. Fields
#33A&W Restaurants
#34Five Guys
#35LongHorn Steakhouse
#36White Castle
#37Boston Market
#39Papa John’s
#40TGI Friday’s
#41Little Caesars
#42Nathan’s Famous
#43Chipotle Mexican Grill
#44Buffalo Wild Wings
#45Hard Rock Cafe
#46Golden Corral
#48Auntie Anne’s
#49Jersey Mike’s Subs
#50Panda Express
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We’re always looking for more Copycat Recipes to create just for you! Below are the top 50 chain restaurants in the United States by state. Which restaurant do you want to see more from? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time: Stay salty, and sweet 😉

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