How to Grill Steak Perfectly

How to grill a steak perfectly

Many think that grilling a perfect steak is easy. Until, they try for the first time and and up with a charred, tough, unsavory hunk of meat. A Personal Story on Why Grilling a Steak is Important This may be an uncommon belief, but I truly believe that knowing how to grill a great steak …

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What is blue steak? All the info you need

What is Blue Steak - Seven Blue Steak

Blue steak (also known as a blue rare steak) is a steak that is cooked even less than a rare steak. If you are a fan of rare steaks or steak tartare, you might love blue steaks. This may not be the steak for you if you are a lover of medium-rare steak. This article …

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Flank steak vs. Skirt steak vs. Hanger Steak

Flank steak vs skirt steak

What is the difference between flank steak vs. skirt steak vs. hanger steak? These are three relatively inexpensive cuts of meat that you should know about. Whether you are at a restaurant or prepping for barbecue, this article does a deep dive into the key differences so that you can become a mini-expert in these …

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