25 Ground Beef Keto Recipes

Welcome to an exciting culinary journey featuring keto ground beef recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds! Ground beef is not only a versatile protein but also a keto-friendly staple that can be the star of many delicious and satisfying meals. 

meatloaf keto recipe with ground beef

We’re talking about flavors that range from zesty Italian to comforting home-style and even exotic Asian-infused dishes. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the ingredients—think quality ground beef, fresh vegetables, rich spices, and decadent sauces. These recipes are not only low-carb but also perfect for those strictly adhering to a keto lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned keto veteran or a curious newbie, these keto ground beef recipes are your ticket to a nutritious and delectable mealtime experience.

All-American Keto Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef and Cauliflower Rice Casserole

Indulge in a hearty and satisfying meal with this Ground Beef and Cauliflower Rice Casserole. This delectable dish combines the robust flavors of quality ground beef with the lighter, nutty notes of cauliflower rice. A perfect alternative to traditional casseroles that are laden with carbs, this recipe stands out for its keto-friendliness without sacrificing flavor. Seasoned to perfection with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, the ground beef melds beautifully with the cauliflower rice, creating a comforting and cohesive dish. As an added benefit, this casserole is sugar-free, aligning perfectly with your keto or low-carb lifestyle. Ideal for family dinners or meal prepping for the week, this casserole is the epitome of wholesome comfort food.

Cheesy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Lose yourself in the delicious blend of flavors and textures that make up our Cheesy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe. High-quality ground beef is sautéed to perfection and combined with fresh, vibrant broccoli florets, all drenched in a luscious cheese sauce. This dish offers the perfect balance of protein and greens, making it not only keto-friendly but also incredibly satisfying. The combination of cheddar and Parmesan elevates the flavors, making each bite a cheesy revelation. This is a low-carb, sugar-free dish that proves healthy eating can be indulgent and delightful.

Low-Carb Ground Beef Pie

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of our Low-Carb Ground Beef Pie, where a flaky crust meets a succulent filling of ground beef, vegetables, and spices. This is a comfort food classic reimagined to fit into your keto lifestyle. The crust is ingeniously made from almond flour and butter, ensuring it’s low-carb but still richly satisfying. The ground beef is seasoned to perfection, offering a hearty contrast to the delicate crust. Not only is this dish a protein-packed option, but it’s also entirely sugar-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

No-Sugar Keto Sloppy Joes

Take a walk down memory lane with our No-Sugar Keto Sloppy Joes, a nostalgic dish that’s been revamped to fit your keto needs. We’ve ditched the sugar but kept all the flavors intact. Using premium ground beef, these Sloppy Joes are simmered in a tangy, homemade sauce that brings together tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices. The result is a mouthwatering filling that’s perfect when served over lettuce wraps or low-carb buns. This is a fantastic quick and easy meal, ideal for busy weeknights or laid-back weekends. Here’s what to serve with sloppy joes.

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet

Our Unstuffed Pepper Skillet takes all the flavors you love from stuffed peppers and turns them into a one-pan wonder. This dish features a ground beef mixture seasoned with spices like garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika, mixed with bell peppers and diced tomatoes, then simmered to perfection. By deconstructing the classic stuffed pepper, you get all the deliciousness without the fuss of stuffing and baking. Moreover, this skillet meal is low-carb and sugar-free, fitting seamlessly into your keto or low-carb diet. It’s a no-hassle, high-flavor dish that’s perfect for any occasion. To add a dash of extra flavor, top with salsa and a slice of heart-healthy avocado. Here’s what to serve with stuffed peppers.

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Capture the essence of a classic American favorite with our Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole. Imagine layers of juicy ground beef, crispy bacon, and gooey cheese coming together in a dish that’s both comforting and keto-friendly. Seasoned with quintessential burger spices and topped with a velvety cheese sauce, this casserole embodies the flavors of a bacon cheeseburger without the carb-laden bun. To cap it off, the recipe is entirely sugar-free, so you can savor each bite without a second thought.

Cauliflower Beef Oven Bake Skillet

The Cauliflower Beef Oven Bake Skillet is where rustic charm meets culinary innovation. This one-skillet wonder combines tender chunks of cauliflower with ground beef, all enveloped in a rich, savory sauce. The dish is then baked to golden perfection, allowing the flavors to meld and intensify. It’s a wonderful alternative to carb-heavy casseroles, offering the same level of comfort but with a keto-friendly twist. As with all our recipes, this oven-baked skillet is sugar-free, emphasizing natural flavors that shine on their own.

Keto Philly Cheesesteak Skillet

Bring the iconic flavors of a Philly Cheesesteak into your kitchen with our Keto Philly Cheesesteak Skillet. This recipe transforms the traditional sandwich into a keto-approved skillet meal featuring succulent ground beef, sautéed bell peppers, and onions, all lavishly coated in melted provolone cheese. It’s a dish that delivers the soul-satisfying richness of a cheesesteak while staying true to your low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle. The convenience of a one-pan meal makes this ideal for a fuss-free dinner that’s loaded with flavor.

Keto Ground Beef Casserole

Our Keto Ground Beef Casserole is a true comfort food classic that fits seamlessly into your keto regimen. It features a luxurious layer of ground beef and veggies, seasoned to perfection and married with cream cheese and various spices. This is followed by a layer of keto-friendly veggies, and the whole affair is topped with a blanket of melted cheese. It’s a dish that’s sure to delight your taste buds while keeping your carbs in check. And, of course, it’s sugar-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence that the whole family can enjoy.

Amazing Keto Meatloaf

Discover the sheer joy of comfort food that aligns perfectly with your keto lifestyle in our Amazing Keto Meatloaf. This is not your grandma’s meatloaf; it’s a modern twist featuring a blend of quality ground beef, almond flour, and a medley of spices that lend both depth and complexity to the dish. The result is a meatloaf that’s moist, flavorful, and entirely sugar-free. A delicious glaze adds the finishing touch, making each slice a memorable experience. This is a dish that comforts the soul while keeping your ketosis in check.

Asian-Inspired Keto Recipes with Ground Beef

Korean Keto Beef Bowl

Transport your palate to the streets of Seoul with our Korean Keto Beef Bowl. This dish artfully marries the rich, umami flavors of ground beef with the sweetness of gochujang and the zest of fresh vegetables. The ground beef is seared to perfection and tossed in a sugar-free Korean-inspired sauce that packs a punch. Served over a bed of cauliflower rice, this beef bowl offers a symphony of flavors and textures that make it a culinary masterpiece, all while fitting seamlessly into your keto diet.

Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps

Get ready for a burst of freshness and flavor with our Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps. Premium ground beef is sautéed with a blend of aromatic spices and nestled into crisp lettuce leaves, creating a perfect harmony of textures. Each wrap delivers a satisfying crunch followed by a meaty, flavorful filling. The dish is not just low-carb but also completely sugar-free, proving that clean eating can be delicious and satisfying. These lettuce wraps make for a perfect lunch, dinner, or even a light snack. You can also make these with ground pork.Try these ground chicken lettuce wraps then!

Ground Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

Unveil the sublime simplicity of our Ground Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry, a dish that showcases the beauty of minimalist cooking. Using just a handful of ingredients, this stir fry brings ground beef and cabbage together in a culinary dance that’s both satisfying and nutritious. A simple sauce elevates the flavors, adding a layer of complexity to this humble dish. Ideal for those busy weeknights, this stir fry is not just quick to prepare but also low-carb and sugar-free, making it a perfect addition to your keto meal rotation. Try this recipe also with ground bison.

Easy Egg Rolls In Bowl

Embrace the convenience and flavor of takeout without the carbs with our Keto Easy Egg Rolls in a Bowl. This innovative recipe deconstructs the beloved egg roll, presenting all its savory goodness in a one-bowl wonder. Ground pork or beef is sautéed with a medley of Asian-inspired spices and finely shredded cabbage, delivering a burst of egg roll flavors with each forkful. A touch of sesame oil and a sprinkle of green onions add the finishing flair to this quick yet sumptuous dish. And let’s not forget—it’s not only low-carb but also completely sugar-free. 

Italian-Inspired Keto Ground Beef Recipes

Keto Beef Lasagna

Experience the timeless comfort of lasagna reimagined for your keto lifestyle with our Keto Beef Lasagna. In this culinary masterpiece, generous portions of seasoned ground beef and a lush ricotta mixture, are all blanketed with a rich, sugar-free tomato sauce. Each bite is an ode to Italian cuisine, allowing you to indulge in a classic favorite while staying true to your keto objectives.

Keto Meatball Skillet with Sauce

Relish the rustic appeal of our Keto Meatball Skillet with Sauce—a one-pan wonder that’s as tasty as it is convenient. This dish features tender meatballs crafted from quality ground beef, herbs, and spices, all simmering in a robust, sugar-free tomato sauce. The depth of flavors in this skillet is enhanced by Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, melding together into a delicious meal that’s not only low-carb but also incredibly satisfying. It’s a perfect option for a cozy family dinner or a meal-prep-friendly dish for the week ahead.

Mexican-Inspired Keto Ground Beef Recipes

Keto Taco Casserole

Step up your taco night game with our Keto Taco Casserole—a dish that packs all the vibrant flavors of a taco into a comforting, low-carb casserole. Layered with seasoned ground beef, sautéed bell peppers, and topped with a blend of melted cheeses, this casserole brings a fiesta of flavors to your table. The best part? It’s entirely sugar-free. Whether you’re serving this at a casual gathering or enjoying it as a quick weeknight dinner, this casserole is a win-win for any occasion. Top with cilantro, cheddar cheese, and a dollop of sour cream and green onions. Also try this walking taco casserole.

Low-Carb Keto Burritos

Dive into a world where delicious and keto-friendly coexist harmoniously with our Low-Carb Keto Burritos featuring coconut wraps. These wraps are a game-changer, providing a gluten-free, low-carb alternative to traditional tortillas. They perfectly encase a rich filling of seasoned ground beef, sautéed peppers, and avocados, delivering a satisfying bite every time. A touch of lime juice and fresh cilantro add the final zest to this versatile dish. And, of course, it’s completely sugar-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Easy Bake Burrito Casserole

For those days when you crave the comforting allure of a burrito but are short on time, our Easy Bake Burrito Casserole comes to the rescue. Layers of seasoned ground beef, cheese, and veggies are assembled in a baking dish and then cooked to perfection. The result is a delightful medley of textures and flavors that echo the essence of a burrito, but in casserole form. Sugar-free and low in carbs, this dish provides all the comfort you desire while adhering to your keto regimen.

More Keto Ground Beef Dishes

Keto Ground Beef Stroganoff

Immerse yourself in the rich, creamy allure of our Keto Ground Beef Stroganoff. This dish transforms humble ground beef into an elegant meal by enveloping it in a luscious sour cream and mushroom sauce. A hint of paprika and a touch of mustard add layers of complexity to the dish, elevating it to a restaurant-worthy creation. Of course, it’s low-carb and sugar-free, aligning perfectly with your keto lifestyle. Serve it over a bed of cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles for a complete, sumptuous meal that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Heaven in a baking dish!

Keto Meatza

Get ready to fall in love with pizza all over again with our Keto Meatza. This dish flips the script on the traditional pizza by replacing the carb-heavy crust with a luscious layer of ground beef. Topped with sugar-free marinara sauce, mozzarella, and your choice of keto-friendly toppings, this Meatza offers a feast for the senses without the carb overload. It’s a whimsical and satisfying way to enjoy a perennial favorite while staying true to your keto lifestyle.

Ground Beef Cabbage Skillet

Satisfy both your palate and your nutritional goals with our Ground Beef Cabbage Skillet. This one-pan meal melds the earthy flavors of cabbage with the richness of ground beef, all complemented by a blend of herbs and spices. The cabbage not only adds a lovely crunch but also contributes valuable nutrients to this low-carb, sugar-free dish. It’s a comforting and convenient meal that’s perfect for any day of the week, making your keto journey a delicious adventure. Like this recipe? Try this creamy cabbage soup!

Scrambled Eggs and Ground Beef

Upgrade your breakfast routine with our Scrambled Eggs and Ground Beef, a protein-packed start to your day that doesn’t compromise on flavor. In this simple yet hearty dish, seasoned ground beef is sautéed to perfection before being folded into fluffy scrambled eggs. A dash of herbs and spices amplifies the natural flavors, creating a breakfast that’s not only nourishing but also incredibly satisfying. And rest assured, it’s low-carb and sugar-free, aligning seamlessly with your keto lifestyle.

Ground Beef and Egg Breakfast Casserole

Looking for a make-ahead breakfast that serves a crowd? Look no further than our Ground Beef and Egg Breakfast Casserole. This dish layers seasoned ground beef, sautéed vegetables, and beaten eggs into a one-pan wonder that bakes to perfection. The result is a casserole that offers a medley of flavors and textures, with each bite delivering comfort and nutrition. It’s an excellent choice for busy mornings, and of course, it’s low-carb and sugar-free to suit your keto needs.

Keto Ground Beef and Zucchini

Step into a world of wholesome ingredients and vibrant flavors with our Keto Ground Beef and Zucchini. This one-skillet meal combines ground beef with zucchini and a blend of spices, offering a quick yet satisfying dinner option. The zucchini absorbs the flavors of the beef and spices, while its natural moisture keeps the dish succulent and tender. Ideal for a busy weeknight, this dish is not only a cinch to prepare but also low-carb and sugar-free, keeping you on track with your keto goals.

meatloaf keto recipe with ground beef
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Ground Beef Keto Recipes

Ground beef keto recipes make going low-carb delicious and filling. From tacos to stroganoff to even pizza, here are 25 recipes to love!
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All-American Keto Ground Beef Recipes

  • Ground Beef and Cauliflower Rice Casserole
  • Cheesy Ground Beef and Broccoli Recipe
  • Low-Carb Ground Beef Pie
  • No-Sugar Keto Sloppy Joes
  • Unstuffed Pepper Skillet
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole
  • Cauliflower Beef Oven Bake Skillet
  • Keto Philly Cheesesteak Skillet
  • Keto Ground Beef Casserole
  • Amazing Keto Meatloaf

Asian-Inspired Keto Recipes with Ground Beef

  • Korean Keto Beef Bowl
  • Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps
  • Ground Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry
  • Easy Egg Rolls In Bowl

Italian-Inspired Keto Ground Beef Recipes

  • Keto Beef Lasagna
  • Keto Meatball Skillet with Sauce

Mexican-Inspired Keto Ground Beef Recipes

  • Keto Taco Casserole
  • Low-Carb Keto Burritos
  • Easy Bake Burrito Casserole

More Keto Ground Beef Dishes

  • Keto Ground Beef Stroganoff
  • Scrambled Eggs and Ground Beef
  • Ground Beef and Egg Breakfast Casserole
  • Keto Ground Beef and Zucchini


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  • Gather ingredients.
  • Cook and enjoy!

Keto Ground Beef FAQs

Is ground beef good for ketosis?

Yes, ground beef is excellent for ketosis. It’s high in protein and fats while being virtually carb-free, making it a staple ingredient for many keto recipes. The fat content helps you stay satiated, aiding in the maintenance of ketosis.

Which ground beef is best for keto diet?

For the keto diet, higher-fat content ground beef is generally preferred, such as 70/30 or 80/20. The extra fat not only adds flavor but also contributes to your daily fat intake, which is crucial for staying in ketosis.

Can you eat mayo on keto?

Yes, you can eat mayonnaise on the keto diet. Most commercial mayos are high in fats and low in carbs, fitting well within the macronutrient distribution of a keto diet. However, it’s advisable to choose a sugar-free and natural, or organic, option if possible. You can also make your own mayo at home to ensure it meets all your keto requirements.

Is lean beef keto?

Lean beef can be included in a keto diet but is generally less preferable than fattier cuts. The lack of fat means you may need to add additional fats to your meal to meet your macros. Lean beef is also less flavorful and can dry out more easily during cooking.

Which beef cut is best for keto?

Fattier cuts of beef are generally better suited for a keto diet. Ribeye, T-bone, New York strip, and porterhouse steaks are excellent choices due to their higher fat content. Ground beef that’s less lean (e.g., 70/30 or 80/20) is also a good option. These cuts will help you meet your fat requirements for the day and keep you satiated for longer.

Have questions or suggestions about keto ground beef recipes? Leave them in the comments below.

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