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steak sandwich with leftover tri tip
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19 Leftover Tri Tip Recipes

Sara McAfee

These 19 leftover tri tip recipes help you elevate next-day leftovers. From nachos to sandwiches and even casseroles. Get cooking!

Porterhouse vs. T-Bone
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Porterhouse vs T Bone Steaks (Which is Better?)

Sara McAfee

Porterhouse vs T Bone steak, which is best? Both are delicious, but it's worth knowing your steak ABCs for these cuts of meat.

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16 Summer Beef Recipes

Sara McAfee

Summer beef recipes from burgers to steak, to set-it-and-forget it meals made in your crockpot.  The thing about summer for ...

Short Ribs - Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Dinner Recipes - Beef

Braised Short Ribs {with Chocolate and Port}

Sara McAfee

These Braised Short Ribs {with Chocolate and Port} are so tasty, don’t be surprised if your entire family goes for ...

mulligan stew in bowl with parsley
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Mulligan Stew Recipe


This Mulligan stew recipe is comforting for cold days. It's hearty with lots of potatoes, carrots, and veggies, with pieces of tender beef.

walking taco casserole made with leftover ground beef
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35 Leftover Ground Beef Recipes

Sara McAfee

Ground beef is one of those basic ingredients that you use in dozens of family meals. But if you’re anything ...