The older the kids get, the less interested they become in crafting with mom! So we definitely have to get creative when trying to get them involved in making crafts.

I’m pretty fortunate that most of my kids, even though they are all boys are still pretty interested in making and creating new things.

The ideas get bigger and the supplies get more expensive but they still want to be imaginative!

My 15 year old son LOVES to up cycle everything, and that to me is pretty cool!


We have made this page of fun crafts to try and hopefully it will give you some inspiration in creating something new.

I have tried to break the page down into categories as best I could.

Be sure to let us know how the tutorials worked for you. Don’t forget to share your pictures!

Daily DIY Life - Crafts Page

Happy Crafting!!


Home Decor Crafts:

Paper Crafts:





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