Easy DIY Fabric Flowers

 Looking for an easy craft to add some personality to your clothes, bag, how about your hair?
It doesnt get much easier than these cute little fabric flowers. No sewing machine needed! That makes it even better in my opinion. The easier the better.
Choose your favorite fabric and something cute for the center. A button, or a gem if you really want to get fancy. I also saw these flowers made from a burlap type fabric, and it had a cork circle for the center (looked like it was cut from a wine cork. Super “natural” looking and so cute!
Use your imagination and let your creativity go wild.
Easy DIY Fabric Flowers - Daily DIY Life (dailydiylife.com)


Fabric – 1 to 3 colors (your choice)
matching thread
center embellishment
hot glue or tacky glue
Instructions: (step by step photos to be added soon)
Cut six 3″x3″ squares from your favorite fabric.

Fold into a triangle shape, wrongs sides together (you can press the triangles with your iron to make a cleaner looking petal).
Stitch a loose gathering stitch around the open edge of the triangle – both edges.
Pull your thread gently to gather the fabric into a petal shape. DO NOT TIE OFF
Attach the next petal to the first and then stitch around the triangle edges and gather again.  Repeat this until you have 6 petals.
Once you’ve finished gathering all your petals attach the last petal to the first petal to form the flower.
Add a button or a gem to the center with a little hot glue or tacky glue, and your adorable fabric flower is complete!

I also found some small hair clip pieces at Michaels and added that to the back to make a sweet little hair bow. If you are a seamstress, you could have hair clip to match every outfit for your little girl.
Easy DIY Fabric Flowers - Daily DIY Life (dailydiylife.com)

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Have fun! Happy Crafting!!


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