Cute & Easy Centerpiece Ideas


How cute is this? I think it’s pretty darn cute myself! I was asked to make a cute table piece for a Christening party. All of their colors were pinks and purples and very “girly” so of course I had to find something that was eye catching as well as perfect to fit in with the color scheme.

I made 3 of these cute centerpieces, They were set on both ends of the food table and one in the center behind the cake. (I wish I had taken more pictures of the table, they were absolutely adorable)

And so easy to make! … Here’s how …

Dollar Tree is your friend with this craft. All supplies were purchased at the Dollar Tree and I think the whole project costs about $5

You will need:

  • Cupcake Liners in your color choice. The ones I picked were pink on the outside white on the inside so I just needed the one package. But you can use as many or as little colors as you like. (about 30 – 40 liners were needed to cover the ball)
  • Short Glass Vase
  • Easter Grass of matching color (I was lucky enough to be making this around Easter time, so it was pretty easy to find at the Dollar tree. But any party supply store should have it any time of year) 
  • Medium size Styrofoam ball
  • Straight pins – the ones with the ball end work the best
  • Hot glue 

Fill your Glass vase with the colored Easter grass.
Hot glue the Styrofoam ball to the edge of the glass. so it looks like an ice cream cone
Take one cupcake liner  and poke the straight pin in the center of the liner. Pull the sides up and around the pin so you have a skinny length of paper. I did add a drop of glue inside the liner around the pin to make it a bit more secure.
Poke the pin into the Styrofoam ball. add a drop of glue where the pin meets the ball also for stability.
Repeat this until the entire ball is covered with your paper liners.

And that is it! How easy and affordable is that?
What ever your color scheme may be you can always find the supplies to match with this piece. For a bit more money you can also find  specialty cupcake liners in print, or even  themed ones. There are so many to choose from now a days.
I hope these instructions were clear enough. The centerpieces were made pre-blog, and I wasn’t intending on creating a tutorial to make these. So I only have a photo of the finished project.

Bonus project: Christening party favors:


Since it was spring time, and seed packets were on sale EVERYWHERE this was a no brainer. I think I got 20 of the seed packs for $1 at walmart.
If you have microsoft office, you can find hundreds of templates for FREE ( also has a free blank template to use). I used a standard business card template, The cross image was already on the template. I just added the wording “Watch me as I grow in Christ’s love”
I printed them on regular printing paper and cut them out. Business card card stock is a little pricey for this project.
Punched a small hole in the top corner of the seed packet and attached it with a small ribbon.
They were a big hit as well. And a usable party favor.

Happy Crafting!!

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