35 Tex-Mex Recipes

Tex-Mex cuisine is loved by almost everyone, regardless of their location in the country. Who doesn’t love a combination of cheese, meat, and beans in their food? Many amazing Tex Mex recipes combine the best of cuisine from both Mexico and Texas. Below, you can find a few of these incredible recipes.

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What is Tex-Mex Food?

Tex-Mex is a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine, known for its generous use of shredded cheese, meat, beans, and spices. It uses chili peppers, corn, and flour tortillas, and incorporates Texan twists on Mexican staples. Iconic dishes include nachos, fajitas, burritos, and chili con carne. It’s casual, comforting, and perfect for communal settings.


Chipotle Lime Shredded Beef Tacos

Savor the rich, smoky taste of chipotle lime shredded beef, perfectly tucked in soft tacos, delivering a burst of bold Tex-Mex flavors in every bite.

Taco Bell Crunchy Tacos

A fast-food favorite, Taco Bell’s Crunchy Tacos feature a classic combination of seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, and cheese in a crunchy shell, epitomizing the simple yet satisfying essence of Tex-Mex cuisine.

Taco Salad

This vibrant Taco Salad is a delightful medley of crisp greens, seasoned beef, fresh veggies, and zesty dressings, all combined to create a light yet fulfilling Tex-Mex masterpiece.


Air Fryer Cheese Quesadilla

Enjoy the perfect crunch and melt with these Air Fryer Cheese Quesadillas, where gooey cheese meets a golden, crispy tortilla, offering a quick and delicious Tex-Mex treat.

Sheet Pan Quesadillas

A genius and convenient way to prepare quesadillas for a crowd, these are baked on a single sheet pan, loaded with your favorite fillings like cheese, meats, and veggies, and cut into easy-to-serve squares.


Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas

 Indulge in the rich flavors of Tex Mex Chicken Enchiladas, featuring tender chicken wrapped in soft tortillas, smothered in a flavorful sauce, and topped with melted cheese. Use leftover rotisserie chicken for an even easier meal.

Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Con Carne

Indulge in the comforting flavors of Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Con Carne. This hearty dish features deliciously cheesy enchiladas smothered in a rich and savory chili sauce, making it the perfect meal for a cozy night in.


Sheet Pan Nachos

Perfect appetizers and a party staple, these nachos are a breeze to prepare on a single sheet pan, loaded with cheese, beans, and your choice of toppings, and baked to melty perfection. Top with fresh cilantro and red onions.

Chili Con Carnes Nachos

These nachos take tortilla chips up a notch, featuring a generous topping of hearty chili con carne, melted cheese, and a medley of classic nacho garnishes, creating a fusion of flavors in every bite. Top with sour cream or Greek yogurt.


Cheesy Taco Bell Loaded Potato Griller

Enjoy Taco Bell’s Loaded Potato Griller – a delicious Tex-Mex fusion of seasoned potatoes, savory toppings, and cheesy goodness.

Loaded Smothered Beef Burritos

These burritos are a hearty feast, stuffed with tender beef, rice, and beans, then generously smothered in a savory sauce and melted cheese, creating a satisfying and indulgent meal.

Easy Breakfast Burrito

Start your day with this simple yet delicious breakfast burrito, filled with eggs, cheese, and your choice of breakfast meats (like beef or chorizo), veggies or refried beans, all wrapped in a soft tortilla for a quick and filling meal on the go.

Tex Mex Chili

25 Best Chili Recipes

The best 25 chili recipes out there cover a spectrum of flavors and ingredients, catering to every chili lover’s dream. From the creamy and comforting white chili to the robust and meaty beanless varieties, and even exotic lamb chili, this collection has something for every palate. When the craving for a hearty bowl of chili strikes, rest assured, we’ve got the perfect recipe to satisfy your taste and spice up your mealtime!

Texas Brisket Chili

This robust chili features slow-cooked, tender brisket in a rich and spicy sauce, embodying the heartiness of Texas cuisine and offering a meaty, flavorful twist on traditional chili.

Colorado Green Chili

Known for its unique, tangy flavor profile, this chili combines green chilies, pork, and tomatillos, creating a stew that’s both spicy and slightly sweet, a staple in Colorado’s culinary scene.

Tex Mex Condiments & Seasoning

Taco Seasoning

This versatile mix of spices like cumin, chili powder, and paprika is perfect for seasoning taco fillings, adding a traditional and customizable flavor to your favorite Mexican dishes.

Tex Mex Paste

A concentrated blend of chilies, spices, and herbs, Tex Mex Paste adds a deep, robust flavor to meats, stews, or beans, elevating any recipe with its rich, authentic taste.

Pineapple Guacamole

A sweet twist on the classic, this guacamole features chunks of fresh pineapple, adding a tropical flair and a burst of sweetness that complements the creamy avocado.

Smoked Queso

Get ready to elevate your Mexican cheese game with this easy-to-make smoked queso recipe! Perfect for any occasion, this dish brings a smoky twist to the classic queso, making it an irresistible crowd-pleaser. Below, we provide all the instructions you need for both cooking and smoking, ensuring your queso turns out perfectly flavorful and deliciously smoked. 

Crockpot Queso

Effortlessly creamy and rich, this slow-cooked queso is a blend of cheeses and spices, perfect for dipping and guaranteed to be a hit at any party or gathering.

Chipotle Corn Salsa

Below is the authentic recipe as given by Chipotle, along with some expert tips to elevate your salsa-making game. Prepare yourself for a burst of fresh, zesty flavors that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Chipotle’s iconic dish. Whether you’re a home cook or a Chipotle aficionado, these insights will help you recreate that signature taste in your own kitchen. Try using smoked corn on the cob or even frozen corn.

Cowboy Caviar

A delightful combination of beans, corn, and fresh veggies, all tossed in a zesty dressing, Cowboy Caviar is a refreshing and colorful dish, great as a dip or a side.

Southwest Salad Dressing

This dressing is a vibrant blend of flavors like lime, cilantro, and chili, perfect for adding a zesty and creamy touch to any Southwestern-style salad or as a unique dip.

More Tex-Mex Recipes

Chili’s Cajun Chicken Pasta

This dish is a delightful fusion of creamy pasta and spicy Cajun-seasoned chicken, topped with grated Parmesan cheese and fresh tomatoes, encapsulating the bold flavors of Chili’s kitchen. I recommend using chicken thighs or chicken tenderloins.

Cheesecake Factory Texas Egg Rolls

At the Cheesecake Factory, their Texas Egg Rolls are a crowd favorite, offering a unique Tex-Mex twist with spicy chicken, corn, black beans, and cheese, all wrapped in a crispy wonton.

Tex Mex Chicken and Rice

This one-pot wonder combines tender chicken, zesty Tex Mex flavors, and fluffy rice, creating a comforting and easy-to-make meal perfect for any weeknight.

Taco Casserole (Frito Pie)

Transforming the classic taco into a baked casserole, this dish layers seasoned beef, cheese, and Fritos for a crunchy, savory treat that’s both fun and filling.

Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

These poppers are a game-changer, featuring a filling of creamy cheese and spices inside jalapenos, all encased in a crispy coating thanks to the magic of the air fryer.

Crunchy Taco Pie

Imagine layers of crunchy taco shells, seasoned ground beef, and melted cheese baked into a pie – this dish is a playful and delicious twist on traditional tacos.

Mexican Spaghetti

A fusion of Italian and Mexican cuisines, this dish features spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce spiced with traditional Mexican flavors, often topped with cheddar cheese or ground beef for added indulgence.

Chipotle Fajita Veggies

Sautéed to perfection, these veggies combine bell peppers and onions with the smoky heat of chipotle, making them a flavorful addition to any fajita or Tex-Mex dish.

Sante Fe Chicken Skillet

Indulge in a delicious culinary adventure with this effortless Santa Fe chicken recipe, which is a delightful amalgamation of robust Southwest spices and hearty ingredients. Bursting with the goodness of nutritious black beans, sweet corn, zesty Ro-tel tomatoes, and a blend of traditional Southwest spices.

Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers

Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers, brimming with ground beef, corn, beans, salsa, and rich enchilada sauce, are the perfect easy option for weeknight dinners or a tasty way to repurpose leftovers!

Stuffed Banana Peppers

These stuffed banana peppers, a unique Tex-Mex twist, are filled with a savory mix of cheeses, offering a delicious balance of sweet and spicy flavors.

Tex Mex Chicken Pasta

This Tex Mex chicken pasta is bursting with robust flavors and extra cheesy goodness, while still maintaining a lighter profile, making it an ideal healthy comfort food. It can be ready in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for a quick yet satisfying meal.

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