Holiday Decorating – Wooden Sled Ornaments

These cute wooden sled ornaments add just the right touch to any type of Holiday Decorating. They are simple enough for an afternoon project for the kids, and can be decorated with all the glitz and glamour of the holidays for a more formal decor as well. When the boys were younger, we always made home made ornaments or decorations with them. All of them loved to know what they created was hanging on our Christmas tree. As they got older I decided to start having a theme tree, but I have a mini tree that is displayed in the kitchen with all of the kids creations. Even still to this day I have a kitchen kids tree and I love looking at the ornaments and thinking back to when they were so little and how they have grown over the years.

Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY

This adorable wooden sled ornaments can be made so quickly. Here is how you can have one of your own.

Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY


Wooden popsicle sticks

Paint (any color you choose)

Hot Glue gun & glue

Twine for the handle

Embellishments (optional)

Sand papaer (optional)



Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY

Before assembly, Paint the popsicle sticks in your choice of color.

Once dry, sand the edges if you are looking for a rustic look.

Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY

Hot glue one popsicle stick across 2 sticks placed on their sides as the “runners”. About an inch from the end to make the front cross bar.

Glue another popsicle stick across the center, so you will have something for your boards to attach to. (You may need to break off the ends if this one is longer than the 2 “runners” underneath)

Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY

Starting with the middle board, glue it in the center of your sled. As you place more popsicle sticks on either side, place them just slightly lower than the one next to it. To form an upside down V shape. (See photo for placement example)

Attach your twine for the handle and embellish as you like.

Holiday Decorating: Wooden Sled Ornaments - Daily DIY

We decided to just keep the sleds brown and wood-like. We are pairing these with the Quick & Easy Star Ornaments for our tree this year. I think the white and brown together will have a nice rustic look.

Do you have a themed tree every year? A certain color, style or theme?

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating – Wooden Sled Ornaments”

  1. I really like this rustic look for the sled, amazing other possibilities, but I like how you did it. Last year I had a silver and gold themed tree. Not sure I am going to be able to get a tree up this year, but if I do it will be the same theme with me always wanting to add more ornaments galore.

  2. This is so creative, great for tree ornaments! Pinned it to my Christmas crafts board.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Home Matters Linky party. Please be sure to come back for the newest party starting tomorrow!


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