22 Canned Spinach Recipes

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the most out of your pantry staples, look no further than these canned spinach recipes. 

bowl of spinach lasagna made with canned spinach

Spinach leaves, often underestimated when compared to fresh spinach, can actually be the star of delicious and nutritious meals. From dips and side dishes to main courses and even smoothies, canned spinach is more versatile than you might think. When combined with the right tastes and ingredients, this leafy green transforms into something truly spectacular. Join us as we explore the various ways to elevate canned spinach into something that not only feeds the body but also satisfies the soul.

Side Dishes & Starters Canned Spinach Recipes

Creamed Spinach Recipe

This Creamed Spinach Recipe offers a luxurious twist to your usual greens, elevating the humble canned spinach to gourmet heights. Starting with canned spinach leaves, this dish incorporates a creamy blend of heavy cream (or half and half), garlic, and grated Parmesan cheese to create a rich and velvety side dish. It’s perfect for when you want to add a touch of elegance to your dinner table. Nutmeg adds a subtle layer of complexity, making it much more than your run-of-the-mill creamed vegetable. Pair it with a succulent steak or grilled chicken, and you have a balanced meal that’s sure to impress.

Feta and Spinach-Stuffed Mini Peppers

These Feta and Spinach-Stuffed Mini Peppers are vibrant little bites that pack a big flavor punch. Canned spinach leaves are mixed with crumbled feta cheese, garlic, and maybe a dash of lemon juice or herbs, creating a stuffing that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. The mixture is then packed into colorful mini bell peppers, which are roasted until tender. These stuffed peppers are the epitome of a hassle-free appetizer or snack, providing both visual appeal and a complex interplay of flavors. If you like this recipe, you’ll love our air fryer stuffed jalapeño recipe.

Busy Day Soup

Busy Day Soup is the epitome of convenience meeting comfort. This is the soup you turn to when your day is jam-packed but you still crave something homemade and hearty. Usually featuring a base of chicken or beef broth, the soup can be filled with whatever you have on hand — from canned vegetables and beans to leftover chicken or beef. Add in some pasta or rice, season to your liking, and let it simmer until you’re ready to eat. Despite its simplicity, each spoonful delivers a satisfying blend of flavors that can be both soothing and invigorating. It’s the culinary equivalent of a warm hug on a busy day.

Spinach Balls

Spinach Balls are little orbs of delight that make for a perfect appetizer, snack, or side dish. Made with a mixture of canned spinach leaves, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and seasonings, these are then baked until golden and crispy on the outside, yet tender within. They offer a guilt-free yet indulgent way to enjoy spinach, with each bite bursting with flavor and texture.

Stuffed Artichoke Hearts

Stuffed Artichoke Hearts bring together the unique flavors of artichokes and spinach in a harmonious medley that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious. Canned spinach leaves serve as a substantial filling, enriched by a mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic, and melted cheese. These stuffed hearts make for an eye-catching appetizer or even a light main course. The blend of earthy spinach with the tender, slightly tangy artichoke hearts results in a dish that’s rich in both taste and texture. Make in a large skillet to ensure a browned bottom.

Artichoke Dip

A party favorite, this Artichoke Dip is a creamy, cheesy heaven, featuring both canned spinach leaves and artichoke hearts. The star ingredients are enveloped in a lush mixture of cream cheese, mayonnaise (or sour cream), and a medley of spices. The resulting dip strikes a perfect balance of flavors—savory, tangy, and just a touch spicy, making it an irresistible companion for crackers, sliced baguettes, or vegetable sticks. Not only is this dip incredibly easy to put together, but it’s also highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the ingredients to better suit your personal tastes. Up the taste with a tsp of garlic powder or celery salt. Serve with chips or carrot sticks. 

Potato and Spinach Gratin

This Potato and Spinach Gratin is a layered masterpiece of creamy potatoes and nutrient-rich spinach. Thin slices of potato are layered with a blend of canned spinach, garlic, and a creamy béchamel sauce, then topped with a sprinkle of cheese. Baked until the top is golden and bubbling, this gratin is a mouthwatering side dish that elevates any meal it accompanies.

Garlic Spinach and White Beans

This dish of Sautéed Garlic Spinach and White Beans is the epitome of rustic simplicity. Canned spinach leaves are sautéed with minced garlic and combined with creamy white beans, usually cannellini or navy beans. A splash of olive oil and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes add an extra dimension to this humble yet nourishing dish. It serves as a fantastic side, but can easily stand alone as a light meal, especially when paired with a slice of crusty bread. If you like this recipe, try our air fryer butter bean recipe.

Starbucks Bacon Cheese Egg Bites

These Starbucks Bacon Cheese Egg Bites are a grab-and-go breakfast that you can easily replicate at home. Imagine fluffy eggs combined with smoky bacon, rich cheese, and a touch of cream, all cooked to velvety perfection. These bites are steamed or baked in a muffin tin or silicone molds, yielding a light yet protein-packed bite that’s both savory and slightly decadent. Ideal for busy mornings or as a snack, these egg bites offer a balanced, satisfying option that fits right into your fast-paced lifestyle.

Main Course Canned Spinach Dishes

Eggs and Spinach Frittata

This Eggs and Spinach Frittata is a one-pan wonder that combines the versatility of eggs with the nutrient-rich goodness of canned spinach leaves. Whisked eggs are seasoned and poured over sautéed onions, garlic, and spinach, creating a fluffy and hearty dish that’s perfect for any meal. The inclusion of cheese and perhaps a sprinkle of herbs or spices offers a customizable experience. It’s the ideal dish for a quick breakfast, a leisurely brunch, or even a simple dinner. This frittata is as practical as it is delicious, allowing you to get a nourishing meal on the table in no time.

Pasta Pomodoro

Pasta Pomodoro is a classic Italian dish that glorifies the simplicity of quality ingredients. While not a spinach-centric dish, incorporating a handful of canned spinach leaves can elevate this already delicious dish to new nutritional heights. Cooked pasta is tossed in a fresh tomato sauce with garlic and basil, offering a taste of Italian comfort. The addition of spinach not only enriches the color but also adds an earthy layer of flavor that pairs beautifully with the sweet acidity of the tomatoes.

Spinach and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

This Spinach and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken recipe is a hearty main course that promises a burst of flavor with every bite. Canned spinach leaves are mixed with creamy mozzarella and seasonings, and then stuffed into chicken breasts that are seared to golden perfection. The chicken is finished in the oven to ensure it’s cooked through, melding all the flavors together. The creamy spinach and cheese filling complements the juicy chicken, creating a dish that’s as satisfying as it is eye-catching.

Skillet Spinach, Mushrooms, and Chicken

This Skillet Spinach, Mushrooms, and Chicken dish is a hearty and flavorful one-pan wonder. Chicken breasts are seasoned and seared to golden perfection, then set aside as you sauté a medley of mushrooms and garlic. Canned spinach leaves are then added to the pan, wilting slightly as they absorb the aromatic flavors. The chicken is returned to the pan, and the whole ensemble simmers briefly, allowing the flavors to marry. The dish is often finished with a sprinkle of Parmesan or a drizzle of cream, adding an extra layer of richness. This skillet meal is the epitome of wholesome comfort, perfect for a busy weeknight yet elegant enough for a dinner party.

Spinach Quiche

Spinach Quiche is a timeless classic that turns simple ingredients into a dish worthy of any occasion. Starting with a buttery pie crust, this quiche features a savory custard filling made from eggs, cream, and cheese, elevated by the addition of canned spinach leaves. The golden brown bottom is to die for and the spinach brings a splash of color and a burst of nutrients, perfectly complementing the creamy, eggy interior. Often enjoyed hot or cold, it makes for an excellent brunch item or a quick weekday dinner, offering both comfort and sophistication in every bite. Love a kick? Add a dash of hot sauce before serving.

Cheesy Spinach and Chicken Bake

This Cheesy Spinach and Chicken Bake is comfort food at its best, featuring succulent chicken breasts nestled in a creamy, cheesy spinach sauce. Canned spinach leaves blend seamlessly into a luscious mixture of cream cheese, garlic, and shredded mozzarella or cheddar. The chicken breasts are baked in this spinach-cheese heaven until tender and juicy. The result is a one-pan dish that’s perfect for weeknight dinners yet sophisticated enough for date night. Each bite delivers a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, making it a hit with both kids and adults alike.

Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna offers an inventive twist on the classic Italian dish. Tender pieces of chicken are sautéed with mushrooms and canned spinach leaves, then layered between lasagna noodles and a creamy béchamel sauce. A final layer of melted cheese tops this culinary marvel, making it a hit at family gatherings or dinner parties.

Spinach Soufflé

A Spinach Soufflé is an elegant way to transform canned spinach into something truly spectacular. The spinach is mixed with a silky béchamel sauce and folded into whipped egg whites. As it bakes, the mixture rises, resulting in a light yet intensely flavored dish that’s sure to impress at any gathering.

Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak is a classic Indian dish where potatoes meet spinach in a fragrant blend of spices. Canned spinach leaves are simmered with cubed potatoes, ginger, garlic, and a medley of Indian spices like cumin and garam masala. This dish is both hearty and nutritious, serving as a perfect side or main course.

Greek Spinach Rice (Spanakorizo)

Spanakorizo is a comforting Greek dish where rice and spinach come together in harmonious flavors. Canned spinach leaves are sautéed with onions and garlic before being stirred into a pot of simmering rice, enriched with a dash of lemon juice and a sprinkling of fresh dill. The result is a vibrant, flavorful dish that stands on its own or accompanies a variety of mains.

Smothered Chicken with Spinach, Bacon, & Mushrooms

In this indulgent dish, chicken breasts are smothered in a delectable sauce made from sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon, and canned spinach leaves. The creamy sauce, often featuring a touch of garlic and Parmesan, elevates the chicken to a dish worthy of any fine dining experience but simple enough for a weeknight dinner.

Beef and Spinach Noodles

Beef and Spinach Noodles is an Asian-inspired dish where tender strips of beef are stir-fried with canned spinach and tossed with noodles in a savory sauce. Infused with flavors like soy sauce and ginger, the dish is a balanced meal that combines protein, greens, and carbs in every delectable bite. If you like this recipe, try our spicy noodle recipe that serves up a punch of heat.

Channa Saag

Chana Saag is a mouthwatering Indian dish where chickpeas meet the lush greenness of spinach in a luxurious blend of spices and aromatics. This hearty vegetarian meal uses canned spinach leaves, simmered in a rich gravy featuring tomatoes, onions, ginger, and a bouquet of spices like cumin, coriander, and garam masala. Coconut milk or cream adds a velvety finish, making this dish both soul-warming and deeply satisfying. Chana Saag is perfect when served with naan or steamed rice, embodying the comforting essence of Indian home cooking.

Canned Spinach Recipes FAQs

What is canned spinach good for?

Canned spinach is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups and casseroles to stir-fries and omelets. It offers a convenient way to add more greens to your diet without the hassle of washing and chopping fresh spinach. While fresh spinach may offer a slightly better nutrient profile, canned spinach is still rich in vitamins like A and C, as well as essential minerals such as iron and calcium. It also has a longer shelf life, making it a good option for pantry-friendly meals.

Should you wash canned spinach?

Generally, you do not need to wash canned spinach as it has been pre-washed and cooked before canning. The canning process also sterilizes the contents, making them safe to eat. However, some people prefer to drain and rinse canned spinach to reduce the sodium content or to remove the canned taste. If you choose to do this, a quick rinse under cold water should suffice.

Can you eat spinach right out of the can?

Yes, you can eat canned spinach right out of the can. The canning process cooks and sterilizes the spinach, making it safe to consume without further cooking. However, many people prefer to heat it up and season it to enhance its flavor. It can be added to hot dishes or heated in a saucepan with some garlic and olive oil for a quick and tasty side.

Does canned spinach have to be cooked?

No, canned spinach does not have to be cooked as it is already cooked during the canning process. It’s perfectly safe to eat straight from the can, though you might find it more palatable when warmed and seasoned. You can easily incorporate it into cooked dishes like lasagna, frittatas, or soups, but it’s also fine to add it directly to salads or smoothies if you prefer.

Does canned spinach have less nutrients?

Canned spinach does undergo a cooking process before it is sealed, which can lead to some loss of heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin C. However, the canning process actually increases the levels of certain other nutrients, like beta-carotene, by breaking down the cell walls and making them more available for absorption. Additionally, canned spinach is still a good source of fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamins A and K. So while there may be slight nutrient differences between fresh and canned spinach, both forms are nutritious and offer a range of health benefits. It’s also worth noting that the convenience and longer shelf life of canned spinach may make it easier for some people to include greens in their diet regularly.

bowl of spinach lasagna made with canned spinach
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22 Canned Spinach Recipes

22 delicious canned spinach recipes. From cheesy and warm to spicy and flavorful, get all the nutritional benefits straight from a can!
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Canned Spinach Starters and Sides

  • Creamed Spinach Recipe
  • Feta and Spinach-Stuffed Mini Peppers
  • Busy Day Soup
  • Spinach Balls
  • Stuffed Artichoke Hearts
  • Artichoke Dip
  • Potato and Spinach Gratin
  • Garlic Spinach and White Beans
  • Starbucks Bacon Cheese Egg Bites

Canned Spinach Mains

  • Eggs and Spinach Frittata
  • Pasta Pomodoro
  • Spinach and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken
  • Skillet Spinach, Mushrooms, and Chicken
  • Spinach Quiche
  • Cheesy Spinach and Chicken Bake
  • Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna
  • Spinach Soufflé
  • Aloo Palak
  • Greek Spinach Rice (Spanakorizo)
  • Smothered Chicken with Spinach, Bacon, & Mushrooms
  • Beef and Spinach Noodles
  • Channa Saag


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