14 Easter Salad Recipes

Delicious Easter salad recipes that will make your holiday celebration truly memorable. Whether it’s fresh ingredients or bright and vibrant colors, here are 14 recipes that scream Spring — from savory to sweet.

Savory Easter Salad Recipes

Crunchy and Cream Shrimp Salad

With simple ingredients such as lemon juice, celery, mayo, and, of course, shrimp, this crunchy and creamy shrimp salad is a perfect side salad to lighten up any Easter meal.

mediterranean Orzo Salad

This Mediterranean salad, with an easy olive oil based vinaigrette, has a fresh and Springy flavor. Serve it on a bed of leafy greens or alone.

Caprese Pasta Salad

Everyone loves Caprese salad. The combination of basil, tomatoes and basil will be a no-fail hit at your Easter celebration.

Cilantro Lime Pasta Salad

If you’re a cilantro lover, this spring salad leverages fresh herbs, creamy avocado, and red onion.

Cranberry Almond Broccoli Salad

Poppy seeds are the star of this creamy dressing. It pairs perfectly with cranberries, almonds, and broccoli in this salad.

Creamy Cucumber Salad

A simple salad not packed with too many calories. The addition of radishes adds an extra crunch.  

Deviled Egg Potato Salad

There is nothing better than deviled eggs. That is, until hard-boiled eggs met potatoes. The taste of this salad is anything but ordinary! For an added pop of greens, add some fresh peas.

Easy Keto Broccoli Salad

This springtime salad is the best-kept keto secret that must be revealed. It’s a side dish that even non-keto keepers will love.

Sunflower Crunch Chopped Salad

There is something about a well-chopped salad that makes the perfect side salad for any heavier meal. Apple cider vinegar adds the perfect tang to help cut through that honey glazed holiday ham 😉

Sweet Easter Salad Recipes

Ambrosia Fluff Salad

Say goodbye to green salads and hello to dessert. This traditional ambrosia salad has all the essential ingredients: marshmallows, Greek yogurt, pineapple chunks, you get the picture.

Fruity Frog Eye Salad

Don’t be scared by the name or the combo of pasta and sugar. It’s one of those dishes that, if you’ve never tried, you’re missing out!

Banana Pudding Fluff Salad

If you’re a banana pudding fan, you’ll love this dessert. The vanilla wafer cookies add a lovely crunch. Add strawberries or any type of berries for a pop of color.

Pistachio Fluff Fruit Salad 

A great twist on the ambrosia salad. The easy yet delicious addition of the pistachio pudding mix is a delightful and flavorful twist on a classic favorite.

3-Minute Easter Fluff

If all you’ve got before family and friends show up is 3 minutes and a die-hard sweet tooth, this Easter fluff salad is your new jam.

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