Pizza Pan Dollar Tree Summer Wreath Ideas

Add this colorful Dollar Tree pizza pan wreath to your front door or outside decor for summer, fall, winter or spring!

In this post we’ll show you how to turn a Dollar Store pizza pan into a beautiful summer wreath for your front (or back!) door.

The great thing about dollar store crafts is that they are so easy to switch up for any season. Because let’s be honest, your local Dollar Tree is filled with possibilities!


Dollar Tree Summer Wreath – Pin It For Later!

Whether you prefer farmhouse decor, lots of greenery and faux flowers, or are looking for a Christmas craft, get ready to DIY beautify your home.

For a fun twist on the traditional summer wreath, use unconventional materials like this metal pizza pan. Beautiful silk flowers and colored ribbon also found at the Dollar Tree take this wreath from average to spectacular. 

Pizza pan wreaths are becoming a fast trend among Dollar Tree crafters. You can customize them in so many ways. I would love to see what you come up with.

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Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Wreath

When I take my trips to the Dollar Tree, I tend to pick up things that I think would be great for crafting. Anything round, square, or glass usually end up in my cart. This Splatter Screen Pumpkin Craft was a result of cleaning out my craft stash also.

I wanted to use something unconventional for a front door wreath. This metal pizza pan was round and sturdy enough to hold up to the outdoors, so why not give it a try. It turned out to be the perfect wreath form.

Pleasantly surprised is really an understatement when it comes to how I feel about this Dollar Tree summer wreath. I am absolutely in love.

The best part is I found all of the supplies, including the beautiful teal burlap ribbon at the Dollar Tree. The only thing I used from my craft stash was the paint, but you can also find paint at the Dollar Tree if you don’t have any at home. Here is how I put it together. 


What you’ll need for this door wreath craft:

  • Metal pizza pan
  • Craft paint
  • Foam brush
  • Nautical rope or thick twine
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Faux flowers
  • Stencil or letter stickers
  • Hot glue gun

Optional: Spray paint (if you have paint that works for metal)

Optional: Acrylic paint (if you’re going to freehand your letters)

How to Make a Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Wreath for the Summer

Assembling your pizza pan wreath for the summer (or any seasons!) is pretty simple, and you can decorate it any way that you like. I started by covering the entire pan with a generous coat of off white craft paint. Once that was completely dry, I dry brushed a light coat of black paint across the middle in straight even strokes. The edges got a little more paint than the center so it looks a bit aged more on the edge.


Once the paint is completely dry, it is time to decorate.

Using nautical rope found at the dollar tree, I lined the edge all the way around and secured it with hot glue.


Some green floral sprays and white lilies were the flowers that I selected. Keeping them even on both sides. I used hot glue to apply the flowers.


I made a simple burlap ribbon to put on the top. Cut strips of ribbon 8 inches long. I did 4 teal, 4 brown, and 4 plain off-white ribbon. Layer the ribbons in an X shape, alternating colors. Use a ribbon or wire in the center to tie them all together. Once they are secure, separate them with your fingers to make the bow more full. Attach that to the top of the pizza pan wreath. 


You can also add something to the center using stickers or a stencil. Originally I was going to use the small wood block I found at the Dollar Tree. I wasn’t crazy about the way it looked, so I decided to stencil our last name initial to the center instead. Anything will be great in the center, a word, or an item. Attach a few strung beads instead if you like. Just personalize it any way you would like. 

Add a small rope to the back using hot glue or E6000 glue and hand it on your front door.


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Add this colorful Dollar Tree Summer Wreath to your front door or outside decor. For a fun twist on the traditional wreath, use unconventional materials like this metal pizza pan. Beautiful silk flowers and bright colored ribbon also found at the Dollar Tree take this wreath from average to spectacular. #DollarStoreDivas #DollarStoreCrafts #SummerDollarTreeCrafts #DollarTreeSummer #SummerCrafting #SummerDIY #DollarTreeCrafts

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  1. I have found hot glue melted when placing a project on my front door. I suggest using E6000 to make sure nothing falls off from the sun melting your hot glue.


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