A Box of Love! Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Who doesn’t adore something that is handmade with love? Especially when it comes from the kids and is made just for you! When the boys were small we tried really hard to make something special for all of our relatives each Christmas. We have a very large family, so going out and buying gifts for everyone would have been very hard on the wallet. We just were not able to do that. Instead we made wonderful Handmade Christmas Crafts each year for the aunts and uncles, personalized just for them.

A Box of Love - Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids - DailyDIYLife.com

One of my favorite Christmas Crafts the boys made over the years was a box of love. A simple box wrapped up with a pretty bow, and this fantastic heart warming paragraph to show each family member just how much they were loved. I first saw this idea at a local crafts fair many years ago (I believe it was 2005) and I knew right then it was something the adults would adore.

A Box of Love - Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids - DailyDIYLife.com

A Box of Love - Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids - DailyDIYLife.com

You can use any empty box you have lying around. We have used empty butter boxes, macaroni and cheese boxes, or even these handy flavor packet singles boxes. It doesn’t have to be big, just large enough to attach the phrase and decorate the box if you choose to do that. Some pretty ribbon or other embellishments you have on hand will make it extra special and personalized.

Wrap the empty box and let the kids go to town decorating.

A Box of Love - Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids - DailyDIYLife.com
I made a new one this year and a set of printable paragraphs so you and the kiddos can make one for your loved ones. If you click on the paragraph photo below it will open full size in a new window.

Christmas Special Gift Printable

When you are printing, please be sure to UNCHECK fit to window if you are using windows photo viewer, or it will not print correctly. There are 8 printable paragraphs per page.

A Box of Love - Adorable Christmas Craft for Kids - DailyDIYLife.com

Here is the original box of love (an empty butter box) made and decorated by the 2 teens back in 2005 or 2006 (I wish I had them put the date on it back then, but that is roughly when it was made originally.) I place this box in my tree every year. I can’t help but smile each time I look at it and remember just how small they once were and how much thought and love really went into creating this wonderful keepsake.

I hope you and your children have a chance to wrap up all of your love and give it to those close to your heart. Merry Christmas to all!

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8 thoughts on “A Box of Love! Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids”

  1. So much to say. Love this idea and how you have provided easy printables to make them. Sweet how you have kept the ornaments your kids made years ago. I wish this was available when my daughter was young. Best of all, this is free to give a gift to a loved on at Christmas that I also believe they’ll cherish as a keepsake.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this idea! It’s perfect for little kids to do and make. I can imagine me doing the same thing you do if my kids were to make me these gifts. It’s priceless! Thank you for sharing this idea.


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