Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes

Yes folks, it is just about that time. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler. That can only mean one thing …Sadly, summer is coming to an end. With the summer ending that means it’s time to get the kids back to school. If you are like me, there is a very faint “Hooray” in the back of your mind as you read this. Although I will admit, now that the teens are both in high school the summer months are not quite as long and repetitious as they use to be. They are old enough to do their own thing and enjoy the summer without having to entertain them 24/7.That part sure is nice, but it also means my babies are growing up. TO FAST, I might add!

Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes |

Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes –PIN IT FOR LATER

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We have always tried to make their first day back a special one. Even as teenagers, they still like a special little after school treat on the first day. How cute are these apple cupcakes? Super simple to make and you pick your favorite cake recipe. Putting them together takes just a few of our favorite candies and a couple minutes. Here is how we did them.

Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes |

Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes!



Pour your red candy sprinkles into a shallow dish (we used the lid to the frosting, it was perfect)

Working with one cupcake at a time – Frost your cupcake. Before the frosting has a chance to harden roll the top of the cupcake in the red candy sprinkles. Continue with the other 11 cupcakes until they are all covered in red candy sprinkles.

To make the stem: Roll out 1/2 of a tootsie roll and slightly curve the end. Stick one end into the frosting.

To make the leaf: place a small amount of granulated sugar on your work surface. Flatten a gum drop with the bottom of a heavy glass. The granulated sugar will prevent it from sticking to much. Once the gum drop is flattened, make small slits in each side and shape it like a leaf. Stick that into the frosting as well right next to the tootsie roll stem.

It is as simple as that! These will look like you spent hours and hours on gourmet cupcakes. No one needs to know just how simple they really are to make. The kids will love them! What a special First day of School snack.

Super Simple Back to School Apple Cupcakes |


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Are your kids/grandkids back to school yet? The teens started today! Summer seems to get shorter and shorter every year. The dog is lost without them today, he is moping around looking for them. Mom, on the other hand, is selfishly enjoying the quiet morning with her coffee and reading her favorite blogs. Want to see what I’m reading this morning?

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  1. Another delicious cupcake! I love when they are easy to make and taste amazing. You always decorate them so beautifully Heather. Mad skills! Love your creativity. It shows in everything you do! Can’t wait to try these!

  2. I pinned to a new board I made and keep forgetting about called Desserts. You always make your fantastic creations look so easy to make. Wow, I am very thankful you shared me on your blog today; excellent idea!!!!!!! Plus, your posts are fun and easy to share. Happy Back To School Day.


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