Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern

If you love gorgeous DIY decorating ideas that are easy to make but won’t break your budget, then I have the perfect craft for you. Making this DIY Flower lantern to display your silk flowers or other trinkets will add character and charm to any decor. You can personalize it with your favorite flowers, photos of your loved ones, or simply add a flame-less candle to the inside for a more traditional lantern look. We decided to add some vibrant yellow and orange fall flowers and leaves to ours since the seasons are about to change.

Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

Unique DIY Flower Lanter – PIN IT FOR LATER

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Can you believe that all of the supplies used to make this adorable DIY flower lantern came from the dollar store? That’s right!

Did I mention that this also costs LESS than $10 to make? I don’t know about you, but that is my kind of craft for sure. When you can be frugal and find the right items for the right price and make it look like a specialty store item, then I am all for it.

Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

This DIY Flower Lantern started out as 3 simple dollar store frames.

Remove the backing and the cute picture of the family. You can toss this or save it for something else, you won’t need it for this project.

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Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

Set the glass aside, you will add it back on when your DIY Flower Lantern is complete.

I hand painted the frames using 3 coats of flat acrylic paints. I strongly suggest using spray paint to do this instead of acrylic paint. It will go much faster and your coats will be more even. Don’t forget to paint the inside of the frame as well.

Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

Once the paint is dry, glue all 3 frames together in the shape of a triangle. I used hot glue and it worked great. You could also use Gorilla Glue, or another strong adhesive. Let it dry/set according to the package instructions.

Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

Once the glue is dry, trace your triangle shape onto  a piece of foam board or heavy card stock for your base. If it is not already the color of your Flower Lantern, give it a coat of paint as well to match. Glue it to the bottom of your lantern. Don’t put the glass back in just yet, it’s easier to get the pretty stuff inside with the windows open.

This is the fun part! Decorating the inside. You can add anything you want to the center. I chose to use some vibrant fall colored flowers and leaves that I also picked up at the dollar store. Stick them into a small piece of floral foam and glue it to the base. Cover the rest of the base with moss or small stones.

Once you have everything inside your Flower Lantern exactly how you like it, you can carefully add the glass back in and secure with the tabs that are on the frame. Leave the top open, or cut another triangle from the foam board and secure the top closed with glue as well.

Embellish with ribbon, pearls, or paint if you like. I used a thin piece of black ribbon just to cover up the seams where you could see the glue.

Frugal Home Decor | Unique DIY Flower Lantern |

That is all there is to it! A customized, beautiful display for your silk flowers or precious trinkets.

This entire project cost me under $10! I can’t wait to make more. The next one I do will be a photo display of the boys. I am thinking of making a 4 sided lantern with each of their pictures in the glass and a flame-less candle in the center to make it glow.

What fantastic things will you put in yours?

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