Easy Handmade Christmas Decor – DIY Dollar Store Craft

I just love receiving Handmade Christmas Gifts. Knowing that someone took the time to imagine and create something specially made for me just warms my heart. I also love creating my own handmade gifts for the ones I love. These Holiday Candle Holders made from clear wine glasses we found at the Dollar Tree are a perfect gift for that special someone on your list this year. Easy Handmade Christmas Decor items make wonderful additions to any mantel or Holiday table.

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Easy handmade Christmas Decor - DIY Dollar Store Craft! : dailydiylife.com

Easy Homemade Christmas Decor – Pin it for later!

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Transform a simple dollar store wine glass into an adorable Christmas Candle Holder for your Holiday table! With a few coats of Folk Art – Extreme Glitter glass paint and some cute accessories, we turned a boring clear wine glass we picked up for $1 into Santa, Frosty, the Gingerbread man, and the Grinch! I must say I am in love with these super easy DIY Dollar Store Crafts.

Want to make these awesome DIY Candle Holders for that special someone this Christmas? This is how we did it …

Easy handmade Christmas Decor - DIY Dollar Store Craft! : dailydiylife.com

Clear wine glass (We got ours at the Dollar Tree but Amazon has lots to choose from)
Extreme Glitter Paint by Folk Art
Battery operated candles (another Dollar Tree find)


For Santa, we used a black ribbon, gold fringe ribbon, red & white twine and a few jingle bells.

For Frosty, we used 4 black buttons, fabric for his scarf, twine and a few jingle bells.

For the Grinch, we used a Sharpie Paint Marker and green pipe cleaners.

For the Gingerbread man, we used Folk art acrylic paints to hand paint his adorable face.

Easy handmade Christmas Decor - DIY Dollar Store Craft! : dailydiylife.com

Apply 3 – 4 coats of Extreme Glitter by Folk Art to a clean, dry glass. Let the paint semi-dry between each coat (about 30 minutes to an hour in between each coat) Let the paint dry completely before adding embellishments. We left ours alone for 48 hours just to be safe, but it was completely dry after 24 hours.
Decorate as much or as little as you like.
For the Grinch, we hand drew the face on with a Sharpie Paint Marker and added the pipe cleaners for his “fur”.

I had so much fun making these DIY Candle Holders, there may be more in the future for upcoming holidays and events. The wine glasses look gorgeous with no decoration at all. I am just in love with this paint. For the record, the red glitter paint I purchased did not give off the same look (it was a different brand and I wouldn’t feel right saying the negative things I was saying as I tried to paint the glass – LOL) I chose to use regular red enamel paint and sprinkling glitter on top instead of continuing with the not so great glitter paint I tried to begin with.

Easy handmade Christmas Decor - DIY Dollar Store Craft! : dailydiylife.com

What would you make with an upside down wine glass? Would you leave it plain or create a character with accessories?

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