38 Christmas Lunch Ideas (From Salads to Hearty Casseroles) 

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Christmas lunch ideas can be necessary for the season’s busyness. After unwrapping presents while sipping peppermint hot chocolate, you may want to snack on the Christmas cookies. Lunch is not on your mind. But eventually, everyone gets hungry! But let’s be honest, Christmas lunch can be time-consuming if you spend a lot of time figuring …

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11 Vegetable Oil Substitutes: Best Option For Every Recipe

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If you’re searching for a vegetable oil substitute, the most essential consideration to make is what you plan to cook. When you’re cooking, some oils will be better than others because of the smoke point. Baking or making salad dressings can require other types of oil based on flavor and consistency. For instance, since vegetable …

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Need a Whole Milk Substitute? Everything You Need to Know 

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A whole milk substitute can feel like divine intervention when you’ve started cooking and realize you don’t have the right ingredients. You might be scratching your head, wondering, “What can I use instead of whole milk?” The good news is that trusted whole milk substitutes exist. And you probably already have at least one in …

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