Easy Hot Butter Rum Muffins Recipe

butter rum muffins on cutting board

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet for breakfast or want a delicious treat, these easy hot butter rum muffins will make your day. They’re practically Instagram-worthy! You will not get tired of these tasty little indulgences. What Flavor is Butter Rum? Butter rum is a decadent buttery flavor with rum undertones. It also …

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Easy Walking Taco Casserole Recipe

bowl of walking taco casserole

A walking taco casserole is ideal for anyone on a budget, in a time crunch, or simply craving a Mexican-inspired dish. This recipe is a great go-to option when you’ve got 30 minutes to spare for dinner or need to make a meal ahead of time. Even better? You probably already have all the needed …

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Creamy Homemade Southwest Salad Dressing

southwest salad dressing drizzled on salad bowl

Fun and flavorful salad dressings, like a creamy Southwest Salad Dressing, can take a salad from good to fantastic. Traditional salad dressings are tasty, but Southwest salad dressing provides a fun uniqueness. The flavors can take your salad to the next level – so much so that it becomes your regular craving! What is Southwest …

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Easy 4 Ingredient Banana Bread

image of 4 ingredient banana bread with fresh bananas

This spectacular 4 ingredient banana bread is perfect for those weeks your bananas didn’t get eaten. I’ll admit that it happens more than I’d like to admit. (Hence, we eat a lot of banana bread in our house.) When you’ve got a few overripe bananas, this recipe is the perfect solution to avoid food waste. …

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Cajun Boiled Peanuts: A Crowd-Pleasing Spicy Appetizer

bowl of cajun boiled peanuts

If you find yourself in the south, there’s a good chance you’ll come across Cajun boiled peanuts. The Carolinas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and other southern states boast about boiled peanuts. Only one state claims boiled peanuts as their state snack: South Carolina. Many southerners consider boiled peanuts to be a delicacy – and Cajun boiled …

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