Upcycled Glass – Festive Fall Vase Set

It’s finally here!  Do you remember a few weeks on Tuesday Tips when I was showing you how to Clean and remove the labels from your glass jars? I was so undecided on what to do with them. I had 500 ideas (ok maybe 4 LOL) but I just couldn’t make up my mind.I wanted to do something to match my kitchen (beachy blues) but I also wanted to do something for fall too.  Well I decided to do both haha. But today I am showing you how I did the  Festive Fall Vase Set, upcycling my Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. I just adore how these turned out. They will be perfect in the kitchen window through Thanksgiving! I hope you like them as much as I do, here is how I did them.

Festive Fall Vase Set - Daily DIY Life.com

Before you can start your Festive Fall Vase project, you must drink (mmmm Starbucks) your frappuccino! Then you must clean them and remove the labels from your soon to be vases. Using this method RIGHT HERE.

Once your glass bottles are completely clean, dry and free of their labels it’s time to get creative!


4 Clean and dry frappuccino bottles (or any other glass bottles you have around – Mason jars would be super cute too!)

Twine or Jute

Decorative Ribbon

Paper or foam letters

Hot Glue


Festive Fall Vase Set - Daily DIY Life.com fall bottles step1b

Wrap your bottles with the twine, hot gluing every 2 or 3 inches so it stays in place. Cover the whole bottle with twine.

 Festive Fall Vase Set - Daily DIY Life.com

Wrap a decorative ribbon around the center of the bottle. Hot gluing  on the back of the bottle so it doesn’t show.

 Festive Fall Vase Set - Daily DIY Life.com

Add a cute bow and the letters F A L L in the center to accent the ribbon


It is that simple! I am just hooked on upcycling these bottles. I’m thinking Santa for Christmas, Easter bunnies for Easter oh the possibilities are endless. But for now lets focus on the ones for Fall! They are super easy and can be whipped up in just a few hours. The neutral look is so in this year, if that is not your thing, go for some color! Browns and oranges maybe even orange, yellow and white like candy corn. How fun would that be? Let me know what you decide to put on your fabulous bottles!

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