Tuesday Tips: How to remove Labels from Glass Bottles

Hey ya’ll it’s Tuesday! You know what that means …. Time for Tuesday Tips! I sat here last night and debated on what to give you tips about this week. Sure I could have gone with another “cleaning” tip or something for getting you organized. I decided not to do that this week, instead I’m going to show you how to remove those stubborn sticky labels from cute little glass bottles. We have crafts to make after all!

How to Remove Labels from Glass Bottles with Ease - Daily DIY Life.com

This should work with most glass bottles and jars, and is actually more simple than you would imagine. You may need to use a little elbow grease to get the final goop off, but that will make it so much more rewarding when your finished.

How to Remove Labels from Glass Bottles with Ease - Daily DIY Life.com

The first thing you need to do is give your adorable EMPTY bottles a bath! Fill the sink with HOT soapy water. Dawn dish soap is my favorite for washing the labels off glass bottles. Let the bottles soak in the HOT soapy water for at least 30 minutes.

The labels should now come off pretty easy. Peel off all the labels from your glass bottle. Most of the glue should come off when you peel the label off. If there is any remaining, give your glass bottle a good scrub with a scrub brush or the coarse side of your sponge. If you have some stubborn glue spots, the experts suggest using WD-40 to release the sticky stuff. I have also read that peanut butter can also be used. I’m guessing the oil in the peanut butter will release the glue. I was very lucky and the labels came off my glass bottles very easy, and the glue as well.

You can also remove any sell by dates simply by using your handy magic eraser or you can use a scrub brush and a little elbow grease. Steel wool and/or a razor blade can be used also to make the process a little easier and faster.

How to Remove Labels from Glass Bottles with Ease - Daily DIY Life.com

And there you have it! Nice, adorable, and clean glass jars for your next craft project! Want to see what we are doing with ours? Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter! And follow us on Social Media using the icons below. I can’t wait to share with you our new transformed Glass bottles!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: How to remove Labels from Glass Bottles”

  1. I soak the bottles in hot water and use a little vegetable oil. Works great. If it’s real tough, I just scrub a little with a brush or scour-side of a sponge. Vegetable oil is cheaper than peanut butter or DW-40. 🙂 I love to re-use jars for all kinds of things. Especially taking fresh cut roses from the garden to somebody.

    Life With Lorelai

    • Thanks for sharing your tips. I didn’t have to scrub much just a little swipe with the kitchen scrub brush (wool bristles) took the date and what little of the gunk was left right off. Will definitely try vegetable oil if i need to. Much cheaper 🙂


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