Getting Organized – Organizing Our Craft Closet

What is a girl to do when your neighbor is moving and asks you if you like to make crafts and if you would be interested in boxes upon boxes of craft supplies, simply because she doesn’t want to move them to her new place? This happened to me last week! I gratefully accepted her offer and adopted her wonderful variety of crafting supplies. Once I was actually done moving the 12 large shoe boxes, 4 cardboard boxes, and 4 large Rubbermaid totes into my kitchen, I knew I had to figure out a way to get it all organized so we weren’t tripping over everything constantly.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

Getting Organized is not one of my strong points that is for sure. I am a pack rat by nature and I can’t help but leave things everywhere, especially craft supplies. I knew if I didn’t get a rein on this stuff it would be in random drawers, cabinets and in every room of the house. I made a plan, stuck to it and got 90% of this amazing stuff in order. Here is how it all happened.

I have lived in this duplex for almost two years. My neighbor was a quiet single woman with a few cats that mostly kept to herself. We would, of course, say hello in passing, keep an eye out for each others apartment during vacations and time away, but it never really went any further.

Last week, I saw her moving some stuff out and a conversation started when I went over to ask her if she needed us to put her trash out on trash day for her. One thing led to another and she had many boxes of things she didn’t want to take to her much smaller apartment in the city.

When she asked me if I had any interest in crafting, my eyes probably lit up like Christmas trees before I said yes. She took me into the spare bedroom that she had turned into her craft room (Loved this so much I thought for just a second about kicking the teens out of our 2nd bedroom and making them sleep on the couch just so I could have one too! I don’t think they will let me do it, but it was a fun thought for a moment!) It was perfect! Walls lined with shelves. Shelves lined with perfectly organized boxes. All hand labeled with different crafting materials. There had to be 15 – 20 boxes on those shelves.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

One after another, she kept stacking the white boxes on top of each other. “You can take this, oh I don’t need that, this will be fun for you to use”

12 – TWELVE of those boxes were coming home with me! Everything from kids craft supplies to brand new beading tools. I was in my glory that’s for sure. I offered to pay her for them, there were so many incredible things to just give away for nothing. She wouldn’t accept anything for them. All she asked was that we put her trash up for her on trash day, that would be payment enough.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

A few days later, she had more boxes that were in her basement storage, filled with even more wonderful surprises.

Scrapbooking supplies; paper, albums, stickers, punches and so much more. Paint, yarn, school supplies, drawing utensils there are way to many wonderful things to list.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

All beading and jewelry making supplies! This was AFTER I sorted through and removed the stuff that needed to be thrown away.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

Office supplies, Drawing tools, glue, cross stitch and way to much more to list.

Looking at everything in the middle of my kitchen, I knew I had to come up with some way to get everything organized. I wanted to see it all, play with it all. That wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t know what was in them.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

I kept the original heavy white boxes she had already sorted a lot of the supplies in. Condensed a lot and got rid of what I wouldn’t/couldn’t use. Instead of crossing out the writing on every box, I used Wallies Peel and Stick Chalk board stickers to cover the front. This way I can change and reuse the boxes for other categories as I need them.

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Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

All of the scrapbooking paper fits nicely tucked in the side of the cabinet. This wonderful box from ArtBin holds the paper nicely so it doesn’t get damaged.

Getting Organized! Tips to organizing craft supplies in a small space |

About half of this paint was mine, the other half was a welcoming gift from Julia. I like to keep the bottles upside down so I can see exactly what color is where when I need it.

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Living in an apartment can be challenging at times when it comes to keeping things organized. I am thankful for this cabinet in my kitchen so I can have access to all these wonderful supplies whenever I want them.

Thank you again to my wonderful neighbor Julia! I seriously regret not getting to know you personally in the last 2 years. We have so much in common, we could have really had fun creating and crafting some wonderful things. Good luck to you in your new life adventure!

Do you have any easy organizing tips? I am always looking for ways to STOP being such a pack rat! Please share them with us in the comments below.

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  1. Honestly, it looks like you literally inherited a craft store! What a fun and perfect blessing. I like your idea to use chalkboard stickers to change the label name and you’re reusing the same sized white boxes.

  2. Well, you surely hit the motherload! I love how you organized everything too. And the chalkboard idea is outstanding. I’ll bet everything is so easy to find now too. I’ll have to remember these tips for sure. I love organizing too and am always in search of great tips and tricks!


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