Fun Halloween Neighbor Gift – You’ve Been Boo’d !

Have you ever been BOO’d ? Have you ever BOO’d  a friend or neighbor? The first time I was ever BOO’d I was completely over joyed and it truly made my whole day so much better. The tradition of being BOO’d has really no right or wrong way to go about it. There are no “rules” persay. You choose your favorite friend (s), or one of your friendly and helpful neighbors. Gather together some yummy sweet treats for Halloween. Package them up in some delightful treat bags (Cute printable little bag toppers included below). Secretly deliver your goodies to your friend or neighbor, leaving behind a note of the rules and a fun sign for their front door. (Also included below) Hopefully who ever you deliver your BOO goodies to returns the favor and pays it forward to one of their favorite people. And the cycle continues. You can print your “You’ve Been Boo’d” printables right from your home computer, and then you can BOO as many people as you would like. This is such a FUN, FRIENDLY and AFFORDABLE  Neighbor Gift for Halloween.

You've Been BOO'd! Fun Halloween Neighbor Gift! Daily DIY


This was an annual tradition in our old neighborhood. The first time I opened the door to find a wonderful treat bag filled with Hershey Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I couldn’t help but smile! The teens were a lot younger back then (I think they were 6 and 8). The look on their face was priceless. Opening the door to find some sweet treats waiting for them just for being nice was reward in it’s own right. There was about 30 houses on our block, and I don’t think anyone got over looked. It was pretty incredible. As the years went on the treats got a little more advanced. As we all got to know each other, we discovered each others favorites and made sure those were the ones in the treat bags for our neighbor gift.

We do hope to continue this tradition in our new neighborhood. I hope it is as successful as the years past. This year we are planning to BOO 3 neighbors (one being my mother) and including 3 Musketeers, Reese’s and KitKat bars. What will you put in your treat bags?

There are 3 FREE Printables available for this FUN Halloween Neighbor gift.

Please click the images below to open the Google Doc.

When you are ready to print, please make sure your printer settings “fit to window” is UNCHECKED or it will not print properly.

If you have any trouble opening, saving or printing the BOO package, please drop me a quick Email and I will send the files right over to you.

Here are your FREE Printables ………..

The “rules” to pass along to those that you choose to BOO…

You've Been Boo'd! Fun Halloween Neighbor Gift! Daily DIY

A “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign for the Boo-ee to place on their door or porch somewhere….

You've Been Boo'd! Fun Halloween Neighbor Gift! Daily DIY

4 cute little Treat Bag Toppers. ….

You've Been Boo'd! Fun Halloween Neighbor Gift! Daily DIY


Each page will print on one standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of printer paper. Decorative paper and printing supplies can be found at  [walmart]

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  1. We did this game in our neighborhood one year. I think we should start it up again. Cute printables! Thanks for linking up to Show Me Saturday. Hope to see you there again this week!


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