4th of July – Eats & Treats


Now that summer is here, and we have mastered the BBQ grill. It’s time to plan our 4th of July cookout! These 4th of July Treats are everything your party will need. 

What a great way to celebrate our independence … Lots of fun, sun, friends, family and food!
A great cookout  can be as simple as burgers and sparklers to an elegant dinner party on the beach followed by a spectacular fire works show shining bright over the ocean. One of the many perks when I lived in New England.

The entertainment is provided for you (in most towns) with the fabulous light show in the sky. But you must bring your own food. We would love to help you with that, or at least make it a little easier to choose your favorites. Like we did here.

Here are some great sweet treats and yummy eats for your big event!

Fourth of July Pretzel Sparklers-  Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Super easy to make. And only 3 ingredients

Chocolate Covered Patriotic Strawberries!Courtesy of Grin & Bake it

These yummy bites are just as simple as the pretzels and let’s face it strawberries dipped in anything just screams summer! And I love the look of these. I also found a picture on line of a fancier design if your trying to really impress the in laws! Take a look at these ……..

I do not have a source to share were these came from but it looks like a gourmet shop of some kind. But when it comes to dipping things in chocolate, it’s not that hard to do. Just make sure your berries are dry and your chocolate is fully melted. Work fast when your dipping them in sprinkles. The melting chocolate hardens pretty quick. I like to get mine at Michaels. They have every color you can possibly imagine!


WOW Fireworks Cupcakes & many other ways to create patriotic mini cakes! 

Courtesy of The Gardening Cook

These cupcakes have so much details! I just love them. And all it takes is the right icing tip on your piping bag. There are so many cute ideas on this page, you are sure to find something that inspires you to  get baking!

One can’t live on sweets alone!…..Says who?
I guess we must eat “real” food during our celebration, so lets bring out a few cook out favorites!


Country Potato Salad (and a cute story) – Courtesy of The Country Cook

I love the simplicity of this recipe. And it is so delicious! It is how i make mine, with the exception of the onions. Just a personal preference for my family.


The Best Crockpot Baked BeansCourtesy of Dukes & Duchesses

I am ALL for anything that can be prepared ahead of time, or slow cooked in the crockpot and doesn’t need my constant attention. This recipe is right up my alley for sure. Im super excited to try it next week and see how the family likes it. If it is as good as it looks it will be our new baked bean recipe!


The Best Burger – Courtesy of A Little Tipsy

I have to say I have not tried this exact recipe. But, I did try a variation of this. I had a friend come in town for a visit ( Hey Amy!! miss you) And she gave me her recipe for the “stuffed” burger. We mixed the ground beef, shredded cheddar chees, real bacon bits, and spices (s & p , garlic powder and onion powder). Fried up the patties and topped with BBQ sauce. Was DEEEEElicious! So I am definitely going to try this version with the mozzarella cheese and the bread crumbs. Definately a keeper!

Well, I hope the recipes/ideas above help get your 4th of July cook out started. And bring many happy memories and lots of fun for you and your family. I can’t wait to share and see the pictures and results from the big day.

Here are 2 more ideas that may come in handy for you. Not food, just things that caught my attention while I was browsing around on pinterest for hours n hours…. Just a small addiction I have with that website!!

Gorgeous………… I just love the clean, patriotic and nautical look of this tablescape! Its classy, yet fun and inviting!    Don’t you think?

If you are in need of a few printables to help add some whimsy to your party or cook out, Check out this page with 20 FREE 4th of July printables. I’m sure you can find something there you like. And you wont even need to run to the party store!

20 4th of July Printables – Courtesy of Tip Junky


 Happy 4th of July Everyone!! God Bless America!!





4th of july - eats and treats - fireworks
Image: Daily DIY Life

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