DIY Barbecue Basics

I will be the first to admit that I am TERRIFIED of the BBQ grill! I have never cooked on one, because of this fear. My husband, friends and family (even the women) are masters of the  grill! And can whip up a fantastic meal faster than I can pre heat the oven (ok, that’s a little exaggeration! But  close lol)

I asked them to share their tips with me so I wouldn’t be so terrified and I could make delicious meals without making my kitchen 120 degrees.

Are you afraid of the grill? Or are you a master of the tongs?

Here is what I have learned ….

DIY Barbecue Basics

Charcoal Grills give the food a better flavor

Gas Grills are more convenient and easier to clean/care for

Charcoal Grills are better for the low n slow method and seal in the natural juices of the meat

A general rule for your temperature guide (this info I had to look up) Thanks to for the tip

So how hot is hot? The “Rule” is to (carefully) hold your hand just above the cooking grate and start counting seconds

  • 5 Seconds – Low
  • 4 Seconds – Medium
  • 3 Seconds – Medium High 
  • 2 Seconds – High
  • 1 Second – Crazy

This is true for gas or charcoal. When cooking hot and fast you want your fire at High.

I found this handy dandy cooking chart on
 It shows us the type of food, the temperature you should cook it at and for how long. This will be a huge help when I decide to face the fear and become a BBQ master!! …..or at least a BBQ beginner 🙂

More BBQ Basics – Tips and Tricks

Always keep your grill OUTSIDE! – Even I know this DUH- And away from any structure, dry brush and leaves  or flammable material. 5-10 feet away is a good general rule of thumb.

Make sure your grill is on stable ground so it doesn’t tip while you’re cooking. A grilling mat/pad is also a good investment. These naturally heat-resistant pads are usually
made of lightweight fiber cement or plastic and will protect your deck and patio from any grease that missed the drip tray

Before the grilling season kicks off into high gear, make sure your grill is fully cleaned and prepped (Don’t forget the grease tray) . Including your propane tank, if you choose a gas grill. Fuel levels are important for proper cooking.

Invest in the right tools – Utensils with long handles are always best. Forks, spatulas and tongs with long handles are designed to prevent burns and splatters while cooking. You can get a decent set for a pretty reasonable price at most retail stores. Or you can go right to to purchase the nice set below for only $24.99

Move your food around for even cooking and also to prevent flare ups

Never leave your lit grill unattended. Another given I think but it’s so worth mentioning. 
Flare ups happen when you’re cooking on a grill, and mother nature can be a B … you never know when the wind will pick up. *To reduce flare ups while cooking use a leaner cut of meat

Always read your owners manual! If you have any problems or questions be sure to contact the manufacture. 

I hope these tips were somewhat helpful in your (my) quest to taking on the beast! I’m really hoping to conquer my fear this year and get to cooking outside.  
I’ve found a few recipes I would like to try on the grill, and I have listed them below.
If you have something to add, as always please comment below or send us an email so we can add it to the list. 

Happy Grilling and Happy Summer!! 

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