Tuesday Tips – Your Thanksgiving Meal: 4 weeks ahead

Happy Tuesday to all of you lovely people! If you have been following along, we have gone through one week already of planning Your Thanksgiving meal! If you missed last weeks Tuesday Tip (5 weeks ahead) You can start see it HERE. You will have a few extra things to add to your tasks this week, but they are small tasks and I believe you can do it. Go ahead and read last weeks Tuesday Tips – 5 weeks ahead … I will wait ………

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Welcome back! Now lets get started with our next tasks shall we? We are now just 4 weeks away from Thanksgiving. By now you should have your guest list written. A rough draft of your menu and who will be doing the cooking (all yourself or designate certain dishes to family and friends). Hopefully you have picked up a few items at the grocery store this week so you can get a jump start on your shopping. If you are really on top of your tasks you now have a side dish or maybe some Pumpkin Bread made and Properly Freezer Wrapped for your Thanksgiving Meal.

If you have any of the above tasks complete, you are off to a good start. So lets continue. We are 4 weeks away from Your Thanksgiving Meal and it’s time to take a look at your menu. Looking at your rough draft, decide on the dishes that you will definitely keep and the ones you can do without. Write out your grocery list and all the ingredients you will need.

Take inventory of your serving dishes. Do you have a platter to serve your turkey on? You may need to purchase some extra pans, consider buying the disposable pans. You won’t be serving in these, but it will certainly make the clean up easier.

How much seating will you need? Do you have enough chairs to accommodate your guests? If the answer is no, now is the time to call  family and friends to see what they can offer. If there is not enough seating for your dinner party, most cities and towns have a party rental place that can supply these for you.  Make that phone call as soon as possible. Everyone in town will have the same idea.

Your tasks for this week:

1. Make sure you have completed week 1 tasks… View Those HERE.

2. Define your menu – Must haves and what to eliminate / Make your grocery list.

3. Pick up 2 – 3 items at the grocery store now, to save money later.

4. Inventory your serving dishes and seating availability. Order tables and chairs if needed.

5. Make one side dish or dessert that you can freeze ahead. See our proper Freezing tips HERE.

BACK TO WEEK 1 (Planning: 5 weeks ahead)

How did you do on  last weeks tasks ? Let me know in the comments how many you got completed.

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  1. Yes, always like picking up disposable pans for easy clean up and great tip. No, I do not have enough chairs because they are in the basement while we are remodeling so wonder where we will sit?


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