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Sure, the main reason for your cookie swap is so you can get all the yummy cookies and steal them for yourself!!!!…… Oops no! ..I mean to spend time with your friends and share the joys of your favorite family recipes and send love to one another 🙂 Yes, that’s more accurate!

Playing games will help make your party a huge success! Of course they are optional also, but what is a party without some fun filled games to make you laugh.

Here are some of our favorites:

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Supplies: (for each team)

1 pair panty hose

20 deflated balloons

Red foam nose (can find them at the dollar store)

Divide party guests into even teams ( 2 – 6 players)

place balloons in a bowl in the center of the team players

Elect one person to be Rudolph (Team captain) and give them a single pair of panty hose.

On my “GO” each team will have to blow up as many balloons as they can and tie them off.

Rudolph (the team captain) will have to stuff the blown up balloons into the panty hose to creat their antlers. Once Rudolph has 10 balloons in each leg of the panty hose. They must stick their red nose on and the team must then SING Rudolph the red nose reindeer!

First team to finish the song WINS!!

Have small prizes on hand for the winners (ie: candles, cookie cutters, candy ect.)


Christmas Trivia – Lots of Christmas Trivia HERE you can choose the ones you like the best.


Can NOT say the word cookie 



Candy Canes or Jingle Bells

Tie a ribbon around a candy cane or jingle bell to make a necklace for each of your guests to wear.

From the moment the necklace goes around their neck, they are not aloud to say the word COOKIE. If they DO say the word COOKIE and another guest hears them, they can take their necklace from them.

If the person you catch saying the forbidden word has more than one necklace, you get to take them all!

Watch your language!! 🙂


Double Dice 


A small gift, gift card or simply money.  If you are purchasing a gift, make sure it is suitable for everyone playing

Wrapping paper – LOTS

A pair of oven mitts

Bowl or shallow container to roll the dice into.

Before the party, wrap the gift with MANY layers of wrapping paper. Change it up, use different paper for each layer. You will want everyone to have a turn, so make sure you have MANY layers of paper.

Have everyone gather their chairs into a circle or around the table

Hand one person the dice and bowl and  hand the person on their right the gift and oven mitts.

Explain that while the person is rolling the dice, the other person is trying to open as many layers of wrapping as possible while wearing the oven mitts.

Once doubles are rolled, that round is over and the dice and gift are passed one person the the left.  That means that the person that was rolling the dice should be the next person to wear the mitts and try to open the present.

Continue this until the gift has been opened, and someone finds the prize.


To make the game easier, you can use oven mitts with grippers (like on the bottom of kids socks to keep them from slipping).

Don’t use too much tape when wrapping your gift.  Just a couple pieces per layer.

Use lots of layers of wrapping paper.  The thinner wrapping paper is easier to tear off.

Double Dice game adapted from Housing A Forest


Using your Head

Objective: Players draw Xmas pictures on paper on top of their heads. Points are scored on the quality of the drawing.

Players: 2 or more players.

Needed: Paper, pens, books for support

Rules: Everyone places a large book on their head with a piece of blank paper on it. They each have a pen. The host then gives a series of instructions. Without looking, the players draw onto their page, which is over their head. Here are the instructions:

1. Draw a line for a floor

2. Draw a Christmas Tree.

3. Draw a star on top of your tree.

4. Draw a fireplace with a mantel next to the tree.

5. Draw a stocking hanging from the mantel of your fireplace.”

6. Draw a present below the tree.

Have everyone remove their pictures from their heads. It can be pretty funny to see what you have drawn.

Scoring: The host now offers points for random hits.

1. 2 points if the tree touches the floor.

2. 2 points if your stocking is touching your mantel

3. 1 point if your star touches your tree.

4. 1 point if your star is above your tree

5. 1 point for every Christmas ornament ball that is ON your tree, etc.

6. 1 point if your fireplace doesn’t touch the tree (it’s a fire hazard!)

7. 1 point if you actually drew something decorative on your stocking.

8. 2 point if your present if under your tree.

The winner is then the person with the most points.

Game instructions from


Kiss Kiss Relay 


2 bowls

Hershey kisses

Oversized Mittens or oven mits

This can also be played with all ages. Insert lots of Hershey Chocolate Kisses into a bowl on a table. Divide your group into two teams and have them line up around 10-15 feet away from the table. Give the first people in the row mittens that are slightly larger than they would ever need. On the mark of “Go”, the first player of each team runs to the table (with their mittens on), takes a Hershey’s kiss out from the bowl and tries unwrapping it with the large mittens. After they unwrap it they have to run down and pop it into the next person’s mouth. The next person takes the mittens and runs to the bowl to do the same.

First team to finish wins (if teams are small have them make 2 or 3 “laps”)


Left Right Gift exchange! (My favorite game!)

We ask each of our swap guests to bring a wrapped gift. You set the limits on the gift. (ie: under $10 , home made, We asked everyone to bring a pair of slippers one year)

Everyone starts off holding a gift. Doesn’t matter if it is the one they bought or not.

You can read the story below, or if you have a hubby lounging in the other room, maybe he can read it so you can participate as well.

Each time the you hear the word LEFT or the word RIGHT you pass the gift in that direction.

What ever gift you end up with when the story is finished is the prize you win!

The Wright Family’s Christmas:

Christmas was almost here, and Mother WRIGHT was finishing the Christmas baking. Father WRIGHT, Sue WRIGHT, and Billy WRIGHT returned from their last-minute Christmas errands.

“There’s not much LEFT to be done,” said Father WRIGHT as he came into the kitchen.

“Did you leave the basket of food at church?” asked Mother WRIGHT.

“I LEFT it RIGHT where you told me to,” said Father WRIGHT.

“I’m glad my shopping is done,” said Billy WRIGHT. “I don’t have any money LEFT.”

The hall telephone rang, and Susan WRIGHT LEFT to answer it.

She rushed back and told the family “Aunt Tillie WRIGHT LEFT a package  on Grandma WRIGHT‘s porch. I’ll go over there RIGHT now and get it,” she said, and LEFT in a rush.

Father WRIGHT LEFT the kitchen and brought in the Christmas tree. By the time Susan WRIGHT returned, Mother WRIGHT, Father WRIGHT, and Billy WRIGHT had begun trimming the tree.

The entire WRIGHT family sang carols as they finished the decorating. Then they LEFT all the presents arranged under the tree and went to bed, hoping they had selected the RIGHT gifts for their family.

Now I hope you have the RIGHT present for yourself, because that’s all that’s LEFT of our story now that the Wrights have LEFT to go to bed, except to wish you a Merry Christmas . . . Isn’t that RIGHT?


I hope you enjoyed the game ideas on this page. If you have any games you would like added, please comment below or send it to us in an Email. We love having new game ideas and trying them out!

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