Porterhouse vs. T-Bone Steaks {Which is Better?}

Trying to decide between Porterhouse vs. t-bone steak? The good news is that both are great cuts of steak if you are looking for a top quality cut of steak. You will not go wrong with either option. However, let’s make you an expert between the two.

In this article, we’ll explore what a porterhouse cuts is, what a T-Bone steak is, how to prep and cook each steak, and how to order the cuts when you are at a store.

What is a Porterhouse steak and where does it come from?

A Porterhouse steak is a cut of beef that comes from the tenderloin section of the cow. This cut is located on the back of the cow, near the hip bone. The Porterhouse steak gets its name from the Porterhouse Tavern in New York City, where this cut of meat was first served.

Porterhouse steak “the king of steaks” is a massive steak. A single porterhouse can weigh up 2 pounds – that’s because this classic dish consists of both tender filet mignon AND New York Strip meat.

Cut of Porterhouse Steak
Cut of Porterhouse Steak (Filet)
Notice that the Filet portion is large than the filet portion in the T-Bone steak (see T-Bone image above)

It is not just the size that makes this steak so awe-inspiring, but also its tenderness. If you’re looking for an unforgettable meal with your significant other or family member on special occasions then look no further than this mighty cut of beef!

What is a T-Bone steak and where does it come from?

Right in the middle of the short loin, you’ll find the T-bone. This delectable piece of meat gets its name from the “T”-shaped bone that runs through it (you can see this bone in Porterhouse steak too).

Smaller than the Porterhouse, the T-bone steak is a Strip and Fillet, divided by the bone that makes it look like an “X”. While Porterhouse steaks are cut from the larger end of the short loin, T-bone steaks come from the smaller end. This means that T-Bone steak have a smaller filet mignon.

Despite being smaller than the Porterhouse cut, T-Bone steak still offers something for everyone – those looking to enjoy more tenderness without sacrificing flavor can choose from either filleting or striping depending on their preference.

T-Bone Cut of Steak
T-Bone Cut of Steak (Filet and Strip)
Notice that the Filet portion is smaller than the filet portion in the Porterhouse steak (see Porterhouse image above)

The T-Bone is one of those steaks that you can’t miss. It has a distinctively shaped bone running through it, making for an easy identification in our meat case and on restaurant menus across America! The beef industry data shows this popular cut was growing quite rapidly during recent years–and there’s no reason to think its popularity will slow down anytime soon either way.

How do you cook a Porterhouse steak vs a T-Bone steak – what are the differences in cooking methods?

Simply, the best way to cook a Porterhouse or T-bone steak is by following these simple steps. First, season with coarse salt and pepper on both sides of the meat before placing in butter for about five minutes per side over high heat until cooked right through but not burning!

Pro tip: “It’s important to use an instant-read meat thermometer, especially when grilling or smoking because it reads temperature quickly.”

Anthony DiBernardo
(chef and pitmaster of Swig & Swine barbeque restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina)

How to cook a Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse steak is a cut that benefits from being grilled. However, for best results, Porterhouse steaks should be cooked in a cast iron skillet.

Because of their thickness, Porterhouse cuts generally take longer to cook than other steaks do. Just make sure not overcooking–you want your meat juicy and refusing perfectly cooked (but still tender).

How to cook a T-Bone Steak

The T-bone steak is a cut that’s perfect for grilling. The long, narrow bone helps it maintain its structure under the extreme heat of your grill and pressure when you turn them over to cook on both sides evenly without worrying about burning or drying out any part!

Nutrition information for both types of steaks

Both Porterhouse steak and a cut of T-Bone steak are high in nutrients and calories. Below is a summary of the key nutrition facts according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

Porterhouse Steak Nutritional Information

According to USDA’s FoodData Central, one Porterhouse steak (525 grams / 1.16 pounds) is 730 calories and 119 grams of protein.

T-Bone Steak Nutritional Information

According to USDA’s FoodData Central, one T-Bone steak (360 grams / 0.79 pounds) is 763 calories.

Which type is more expensive?

There are many factors that determine the cost difference between a Porterhouse and T-bone steak. These include weight, quality of meat as well as where you buy it from – for example some markets carry cheaper cuts than others!

However, Porterhouse steaks are more expensive due to their thickness and weight.

Porterhouses have a thicker spine than T-bones, which makes them costlier per pound; however if you butcher cuts poorly or in an uneven way, then your price will go down because there’s less meat on one side compared with another (meaning that it becomes cheaper in terms dollars/pounds).

To be safe though: make sure every strip has larger portion before buying any filets…especially since they can vary quite heavily from piece

How and where can you buy Porterhouse or T-Bone steak?

Best way to ensure you are getting a high quality Porterhouse or T-Bone steak is to purchase the steak from a reputable butcher shop or grocery store. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind while ordering.

Buying high quality Porterhouse Steak

A good porterhouse steak one will have deep, rich color and well-marbled meat. When purchasing a Porterhouse steak, you should look for one that has a thick strip of meat with good marbling. The steak should also be a deep red color. You can purchase Porterhouse steak at most grocery stores or butcher shops.

Buying high quality T-Bone Steak

When purchasing a T-Bone steak, you should look for one that has steak with a deep red color.

The verdict – which one is better, Porterhouse or T-Bone steak?

Since Porterhouse steak is sort of a T-Bone Steak plus more, our preference is that the Porterhouse is a better cut than a T-Bone cut of steak. However, this selection is super close and (as mentioned before) you can go wrong with either one.

Choose a Porterhouse cut if you are looking for cut of meat that:

  • Big enough of two
  • Has a large filet portion

Choose T-Bone cut if you are looking for cut of meat that:

  • Slightly cheaper than a Porterhouse steak
  • Has more protein

Looking to learn more about different steak cuts? Check out this article that provides a detailed overview of flank steak vs. skirt steak vs. hanger steak. Increase your steak expertise!

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