How to Cook Mouth Watering Chicken using a NuWave Oven

Preparing your meals using a Nuwave Oven is not only faster and easier than a conventional oven, it is also a healthier alternative. Cooking with convection heat speeds up cooking time, and circulates the air more effectively. Using the included rack attachments also allows the meat to be above the fat, which makes cooking with your Nuwave Oven a healthier option. 

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven |

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven!

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The summer heat has arrived in full force here in West Virginia. When it gets this hot outside, I really hate to turn the oven on to cook anything at all. That is when I turn to my handy-dandy countertop Nu Wave oven. I was first introduced to NuWave cooking from my dad a few years ago. He loves to try the newest gadgets and small kitchen appliances when they hit the market.

He raved and raved about the NuWave when he got his, telling me everything he cooked in it, and just how perfect it came out. So, of course, I had to see for myself. 2 years and many recipes later, it is now my go-to kitchen appliance, especially in the summertime when it is too hot to turn on the oven. This  Mouthwatering Barbecue Chicken is at the very top of our list of favorites.

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Helpful Information and Cookbooks For the NuWave oven:

faviconNuWave 20631 Oven Pro Plus – This is the model I own. I can’t recommend it enough! If you are looking to purchase your own NuWave, start with this one right here. 

If you already own a NuWave oven, check out these great NuWave cookbooks available on Amazon. We are always looking for fantastic new recipes to cook in the Nuwave!

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Nuwave Oven Recipes Anyone Can Learn

Did you know you can bake in the NuWave too? They even have their own super cool baking accessories …

faviconThe NuWave Baking Kit (Baking Pan, Divider Insert, Cupcake Liners, Baking Ring & Baking Book)

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven |

Making this mouthwatering BBQ Chicken was so simple to do using the NuWave oven. A few spices and about 25 minutes is all you need for perfect and juicy chicken every time.


Place your chicken on the wire rack of the NuWave oven. Lightly brush the top side with olive oil. Sprinkle on your favorite spices. We used salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne pepper.

Replace the dome. Select COOK TIME, punch in 12 minutes and hit start.

After your 12 minutes are up, turn your chicken over and repeat the seasoning and cooking process to the other side.

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven |

Add Your Favorite Flavors

After cooking for 12 minutes on each side, your chicken should be cooked through, juicy and ready to serve. However, if you wish to add barbecue sauce like I did, go ahead and brush that on after the original cook time.

Brush on your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for an additional 3 minutes. Flip the chicken and coat the other side in sauce and cook for 3 minutes more. This is not an absolute necessity, but I like the way the NuWave bakes the sauce onto the chicken and gives it a crispy coating.

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven |

Benefits To Cooking With The Nuwave Oven

There are so many perks to using a NuWave Oven to prepare your meals:

  • Cooks FROZEN meat just as perfect as it does fresh.
  • VERSATILE cooking – Roast, bake, grill, broil, steam and even dehydrate!  All your favorite cooking methods can be done in the NuWave
  • HEALTHY cooking – The fat drips from the meat so your food is not sitting in a pool of grease.
  • SHORTER cooking times.
  • EASY to clean.
  • DOESN’T heat up the kitchen when cooking.

Cooking times for other cuts of chicken:

Breasts (bone in ), legs and thighs:

  • Fresh – 10-12 minutes per side
  • Frozen – 14 minutes per side

Breast (boneless/skinless)

  • Fresh – 7-8 minutes per side
  • Frozen – 10-11 minutes per side

Whole Chicken

  • Fresh – 15-17 minutes per side per pound
  • Frozen – 25-30 minutes per side per pound

How to Cook Juicy Chicken in a NuWave Oven |

You can see for yourself just how much fat and grease has come off the chicken when we were done cooking it. Just think, cooking this in the oven in a regular baking pan in the oven, the chicken would be sitting in this grease. So much healthier for you cooking it this way!

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Do you own a NuWave oven? I would love to hear what is your favorite thing to cook in it? Drop me a comment below! 



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