Building Traditions – Christmas Cookie Swap

Did you know there is just 20 Fridays until Christmas!!! …
What ?? When did THIS happen!
It’s TRUE! Just 20 more Fridays until Christmas! Wow, this year has gone by so fast.
It is already mid- August! That means fall is right around the corner, but it also means Christmas and the holiday season is just around the next corner.
I guess it really is true, the older you get the faster each year goes by. It feels like we just cleaned up all the wrapping paper and put the decorations away last week. (no, I didn’t really do that , but it sure feels like it.)

When it comes to the holidays, we have so many traditions in our family. Some are very small like what we have EVERY Christmas morning for breakfast. French toast casserole! I think it has been 8 or 9 years now that we make this in our house. I make sure it is ready and all set to go in the fridge the night before, and when we all wake up Christmas morning it goes in the oven. By the time we are done opening our gifts, breakfast is ready. The kids look forward to it every year!  (Even the older ones)

One of my other favorite traditions that I have is with my girlfriends a few weeks before Christmas.
Every year we all get together and have an amazing Christmas cookie swap! Yes … we share cookies! How fun is that? All the benefits of holiday baking and 1/4 of the work.
Have you ever been to or hosted a cookie swap?
If the answer is no, you will want to continue reading.
If the answer is yes, you will still want to continue reading 🙂

5 years ago a bunch of us girls wanted to have a Christmas paty of sorts just for the ladies. After poking around on line and reading a few suggestions for all girls parties, we decided a cookie swap would be the perfect thing to do. And the yearly tradition was formed!

It started small (just 7 people I believe) and as the years went on and people heard what a great time we were having the number of attendees grew and grew. Last year I believe we had 18 or 19 swappers. Every year I have to get more and more creative. So I decided to start this page for all the rookie and veteran cookie swappers out there. To share ideas, games, themes and of course cookie recipes!

I know it is only August, but this does take a little planning. You also want to get your invites out pretty early so everyone is sure to make it around their busy holiday schedules. Let’s face it, there is always 100 different parties/events to attend as the holidays get closer.

If you are ready to start planning your party, Click on the Cookies below! It will take you to all the wonderful in’s and out’s of getting started. As always, feedback is encouraged!
If you have a game idea or a recipe you think is a must have for a cookie swap please email it to me!

I hope this page grows and grows with some wonderful family traditions from all of our readers!

Happy Swapping! …………. On to the Cookie Swap pages!

Building Traditions: Host a Christmas Cookie Swap


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