Beach Inspired Desk Accessories

Have you ever loved a decor so much that everything you do or create is based around that theme? That’s how it has been for me the last few months with my kitchen. I am a New England girl at heart, and living in West Virginia I have no beach! So I must improvise. The decor in my kitchen is all Beach Inspired. From the Sandy colored walls to the Cute Bulletin board make over I did with my Yard sale find. This Desk Accessories set is no exception. Something about the light blue and white mixed with the brown twine just makes me happy. It feels I have a little bit of home when I am sitting in my kitchen surrounded by all the nautical elements I’ve added.

Last week I purchased a table that I am in the process of turning into a desk so I can have a comfortable place to work. It’s just about finished, and I should have it up on the blog this week. YAY!! So be sure to follow us by E-mail or through social media so you can see the reveal! The desk , even though the colors are very much Beach Inspired, needed a little something to make it pop. That is where the accessories come in.

Beach Inspired Desk Accesories

You can make them any colors you like. Add any embellishments you like to personalize them. Mine are beach inspired of course to match the kitchen since I do 99% of my work in here.  Here is how we made them….

Beach Inspired Desk Accessories - supplies


A clean can (We used a coffee can for this project)-remove all labels for a clean finish.

Duck Tape– Pick your favorite colors.

Embellishments – Twine, buttons, ribbons, glitter – the possibilities are endless.

Hot Glue – To apply your embellishments

Beach Inspired Desk Accessories - covered

The instructions are fairly simple. Cover your cans with what ever color Duck Tape you choose. I think adding 2 colors made this one look a little more like a buoy  since it IS beach inspired! Decorate them how ever you like. We wrapped the twine around the top and the bottom once. We triple wrapped it around where the 2 color meet to break it up just a bit more.

Simple! Affordable! and Adorable! How can you go wrong? And you are recycling your cans.  How would you dress up your accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

Beach Inspired Desk Accesories

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Have a great day!

…Heather :o)

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