7 Frugal Tips to Save at the Grocery Store! How to Stretch Your Budget!

Feeding a large family? How about a house full of hungry teens? Then these 7 Frugal tips to save at the grocery store are made just for you. When you learn How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget you can eat healthier, prepare meals faster, and best of all save money. Over the years I have learned how to save money and stretch our grocery budget so we are able live comfortably and eat well. These 7 tips are just a few of the ways we cut our grocery bill down each month. Now with 2 growing teenagers in the house, I have to implement these tips more than ever. WOW .. teenage boys can eat!

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7 Frugal Tips to Save at the Grocery Store!

1. Always shop your pantry before shopping at a store. Before you browse your sale fliers, before you start making your grocery list, take an inventory of what you already have at home. Try to use any ingredients you may have that will be expiring soon or that you have an abundance of already on hand. This will also cut down on food waste. I like to use my Printable Menu Planner to do this, there is a handy “Inventory” section so you can keep track of what you have before making your shopping list.

2. Menu Planning for at least one full week will save you time and money. Making a weekly menu plan will not only cut down on impulse buying but it will also save you time when it comes to preparing your meals. If you plan ahead what is being cooked each night, that eliminates the guess work and the stress  of “what’s for dinner”.  When you make your Menu Plan for the week, you are less apt to over spend at the grocery store buying things you may or may not use that week. Stick to the plan and don’t over buy. Use your pantry list and your local store ads, plan your meals around what is on sale and what you can make from things you already have.

3. Make a list and take it with you. That sounds like a given right? Not for me! I am a fantastic list maker. I may even be a pro at it (self-proclaimed of course!). My downfall is that I always FORGET the list. When I do that, I forget what the plan is. and it’s right back to over spending on things I might use this week.

4. Use Coupons and mobile apps whenever possible. There are plenty of places to get FREE Printable Coupons online. Be sure to take advantage of the savings if it is something that you will use. Just because there is a coupon for something does NOT make it a good deal. Compare prices and always check back to your Menu Plan for the week to see if it is something you actually need and will use. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Use apps such as Walmart Savings Catcher, Ibotta, and Shopular for money saving mobile coupons and cash back programs on stuff you are already buying.

5. Freezer cooking saves time  and money. When you are preparing meals such as Baked Zitti, or  Chicken Cordon Bleu it takes no time and very little money to make a double batch. Wrap your cooked meal properly using these Freezer Tips, and there is one less meal you have to work into your budget next week or the week after. It all comes back to proper planning.

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6. Stock up on sale items. You may think I am a little crazy with this one. I have just told you over and over again not to over spend or buy unnecessary ingredients. The exception to this rule is when something is on sale for a great stock up price you should definitely do just that. Stock Up! If chicken is regularly priced for 2.99 a pound and this week your local grocery is having a .99 cents a pound special, BUY MORE! Most likely that price will be gone the next week. Take advantage of the savings this week and  buy double or triple the amount you need. Freeze it and that will be one less thing you will need to add to next weeks Menu Plan.

and last but not least …

7. Grow what you can. This is the one tip I need to work on myself. Growing your own produce and herbs will save you lots of money on your food bill. If you have a green thumb and have the space to start a garden even if it is a small one, just do it! You have  everything you need right at your fingertips when you want it. If you live in an apartment or just don’t have access to space for an outdoor garden, start a small window garden. I have started basil, dill and parsley this summer. Surprisingly I have not killed them yet (I’m sure it is only a matter of time, but I am really enjoying the fresh herbs whenever I want them.)

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I hope that these 7 Frugal tips to save at the grocery store have helped you.

Do you have any other great tips to stretch your budget at the grocery store? We are always looking for more ways to save and get more for our buck!

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  1. I used to do the extreme couponing and stocking up on items was so much fun. I remember when growing up in a large family, sometimes the teen boys would eat the snacks almost as soon as they came out of the grocery bag.

  2. Great tips Heather. Yes teenagers will eat you out of house and home. lol Thanks so much for sharing I always forget to check my pantry first I have to start doing that.


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