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Rules are definitely made to be broken when they apply to a Cookie Swap! On this page you will find my guidelines to our very successful cookie swaps. You will find what works for you and your group of friends the best once you decide to host a swap.

Over the last 5 years, our rules have been close to the same every time. With exception to the gifts and number of cookies. We like to wait to see how  many RSVP before assigning the amount of cookies to each baker.

So here we go … Remember you can change these up however you see fit.

1. Set a date early!

The holidays are very busy for most everyone. Be sure to pick your date and mail your invitations out at least a month in advance. ALWAYS ask for an RSVP so you can be prepared.

2. Cookies must be HOME MADE – no the grocery store can’t make them for you!

3. Please make CHRISTMAS cookies – after all it is a CHRISTMAS cookie swap. No chocolate chip

4. Bring “X” dozen cookies –

This is where our rules vary. I usually ask for a half dozen per person attending. That is why an RSVP is required!

5. Display your cookies the most creative way you can imagine

We love to  give prizes at our cookie swaps. Best display is always the most popular. We have had cookies displayed in a cranberry scoop, in a mail box, even on a 4 tier cake stand dressed up to the max! It’s almost as much fun coming up with a display as it is to make the cookies

6. Christmas or Theme costume is strongly encouraged.

7. Ladies only – (sorry guys)

8. E-mail a copy of your recipe ASAP

You can also have them bring it to the party with them or have it part of their display.

Don’t be to strict with your rules. Keep it light  and fun. You don’t want to sound like the warden of all things cookies! Your friends might not want to come. 🙂


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