Plan Ahead – 10 Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms!

We may not have little ones running around our house any more. But we do have 2 big strong teen boys left at home. So getting creative with breakfast is always a challenge.

I work nights, and have such a hard time getting up in the mornings to cook. Thankfully they are very independent and can manage to feed them selves and get themselves off to school. (In my defense LOL I work til 4 am. I can’t run on 2 hours! I need my beauty sleep! )

I’m always looking for great make ahead breakfasts that I can cook up and maybe freeze on my days off. So I at least know they are eating something satisfying and good for them before school.

I found  lots of great tips and recipes for make ahead breakfast ideas for the teens. I hope you find something you like here. I can’t wait to give them a try. School does start in a month! YAY & YIKES!

Plan Ahead: 10 make ahead easy breakfast ideas - Daily DIY Life (

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closeup of denny's pancake recipe
Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars – Courtesy of I Eat Therefor I Cook
Healthy Breakfast Smoothies – Courtesy of Momeo Magazine
Well there you have it! Some fantastic ideas to get your kids, hubby or anyone on the right track each morning. Now, some of these recipes I posted for myself. I have the pickiest boys on the planet (One doesn’t even like bacon! Who’s child is he??) So I have to get a little creative when I need/want them to eat fruits and veggies. Even at 13 it’s still hard convincing him it’s GOOD!
Do you have any great make ahead recipes you want to share? I would like to compose a list for lunch and dinner as well, and would like to include my readers’ recipes before the ones I have acquired. Just let me know! Would love to add them!
Until then …. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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